The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


Barack Obama has been responsible for making many decisions in his tiring time in the White House—Which obviously explains why he loves the game of golf so much. But it's funny, as The Dime Psychiatrist points out, that some decisions are so much easier to come to than others—which you can read at Doug Ross' joint.

We here at Snapped Shot would like to take this occasion to look back and celebrate the many decisions of Barack Hussein Obama:

Deciding to close Guantanamo Bay? 515 days and counting....

Deciding to meet with the company responsible for the Gulf oil spill? 54 days—though, to be fair, he was pretty busy.

Deciding when to send reinforcements to Afghanistan? 90 days—though again, he was all tied up.

Deciding to blame James Crowley for arresting Henry Louis Gates? 5 daysor if you prefer to count from the time the story appeared in the Washington Post, 12 hours...

Deciding to fire* General Stanley McChrystal for violating the UCMJ? 20 hours.

It's good to see our Commander in Chief has his priorities in order!

(* It's a justified termination, no doubt—but Jules can explain why better than I can.)


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