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"D" is for Diss

Magic magnifying glass says "Ouch."

President Obama met recently with Peruvian president Alan Garcia Perez, which was dutifully covered by the White House Press Office.

In a move that is becoming less surprising over time, the White House Press Office selects a photo showing the men preparing for the event as a highlight, illustrating their "honored" guest in a highly unflattering light (especially when compared to the stoic Obama, which you can see at the Flickr link below). But that pales in comparison with the fact that the full-resolution photograph captures an almost completely readable version of President Perez's talking points for the meeting at hand!

What kind of host treats an esteemed guest like this? Would it really be that hard to show the two men in a more formal pose, or actually attending to the business at hand as equals?

Or is this White House so interested in puffing up the Placeholder-in-Chief that they don't see anyone else as being "equal?"

Once again, I'm left disgusted by the actions of this amateur White House and its inconsiderate Staff Photographer.

[ Flickr Link / Hi-Res ]

President Barack Obama talks with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs during a meeting with President Alan Garcia Perez of Peru, seated left, in the Oval Office, June 1, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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#1 captainfish 01-Jul-2010

Saw a sign in a car's back window....

"Ok, Good Joke.  Now please bring out the real president!"

#2 cletus 07-Jul-2010

This certainly is not how he would treat Chavez or Morales. Of course, they are VIP members of Club Commie.

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