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Not All Media Stars Are Idiots

How many times, how so very often, are we barraged with stories about how we are supposed to listen to some big-headed hollywood actor or singer prattle on about how they think the world should run?  How far does the media go to parrot and push their co-religiousts in Hollywood in our faces? 

"Listen to us.  Do what we say because you have given us your money and because I can use a microphone!"

Not all singers and actors feel the country would be better if the common masses had no money to buy their products.  There are some out there that truly believe America is special and something that needs to be defended.  Fought for.  Bleed for. 

There's Chuck Norris, John Voight, and Janine Turner.  To name a few.  You can add one more to the growing list:  Country singer Larry Gatlin.

A chicken and a pig were walking down the road and the chicken said, “Mr. Pig, I’m hungry. Let’s stop somewhere and get some ham and eggs.” The pig looked at Mr. Chicken and said, “Mr. Chicken, that’s easy for you to say. For you it's no big deal...For me it's a life and death decision.

To those people who do not live in Arizona or California or New Mexico, or my great home state of Texas ...To those people who do not have illegal aliens climbing their fences and bringing guns and dope into their those people who are condemning the people of Arizona for trying to protect their private property because the federal government WILL NOT PROTECT THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY BY SECURING OUR BORDER WITH MEXICO, to those people I say, like Mr. PIG said, “That’s easy for you to say, for you it's no big deal." For those folks on "THIS SIDE OF THE RIVER," IT IS A LIFE AND DEATH SITUATION!!

So until you have had strangers,drug dealers, murderers...and yes, some hungry people just looking for a better life, trespass on your land and over burden your schools, hospitals, and emergency rooms, I say, “BUTT OUT!!"...or, at least try to show some understanding of the DIRE STRAIGHTS that our fellow LEGAL, LAW ABIDING, TAXPAYING, PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNING, and yes COMPASSIONATE, and MOSTLY, GOD FEARING (dear Lord, he had to throw GOD in the mix) AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE UP AGAINST ON A DAILY, MINUTE BY MINUTE BASIS!!
P. S. Mr. President, your demagoguery of the entire situation for political gain is beneath contempt.

P. P. S. Attorney General Holder, for you to file suit against the STATE of ARIZONA for trying to DO WHAT YOU AND YOUR JUSTICE DEPARTMENT WILL NOT DO...ALSO, BENEATH CONTEMPT!!

Sounds just like another person who can't file suit against the US for not closing the border because they don't have standing. 


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