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Compare and Contrast: The Socialist Method

I don't know about you, but who ever is the official presidential photographer, would have been fired long, long ago had we had a real honorable president.

Take some recent published examples Brian has found.

Take a look at this recent photo as seen on Drudge on July 5th, 2010:

Who puts this kind of picture of a so-called American president out for America's consumption?

Who? Maybe those who want him to be seen in a certain light not seen in America's recent or historical history?

Here's some other propaganda pictures that were approved for release.

President bored with idiots

Don't ever talk to me that way AGAIN

The Obama Sneer

You are wasting my time

Now, let's do some compare and contrasting of other famous people that Obama idolizes on the next page?

America vs Venezuela


America vs Venezuela


America vs Iran


America vs Iran


America vs Libya


America vs Libya


America vs North Korea


America vs Sudan


America vs Zimbabwe

Yep. We can definitely see who the official presidential photographer sees the US president typifies. We can see, as well, because of the official approval of the released images, whom the president himself sees himself typifying.


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