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A Man of the Earth

I just returned from the funeral of my Great Uncle.  He was 91 years old.  He was a farmer.  In every sense of that word, he was the definition of a farmer.  He owned his land and he used it to the best of his and its ability.  He raised cattle, grew wheat, barley and grass.   He rotated crops and left lands lie for years so he could protect and preserve the way of life he knew.  He was farming and taking care of his family up until his last days.

He was a man of the earth and he knew and did his job well.

He grew up in Oklahoma picking cotton by the age of 5.  He married his wife and bought a farm.  He lived in that house for the last 60 years.  Raised 2 daughters, 9 grandchildren and several dozen great-grandchildren.

Why do I bring this up?

Because this is the type of man that our founders built our country for.  My uncle lived to only farm and raise his family.  He loved his country, honored GOD, and loved his land.  But all he ever wanted to do was be a farmer.

Our government of today thinks it knows best how this man should work his land.  They know best what crops he should plant and where.  They tell farmers now how much they will be paid for their 100-hour week efforts. 

This is not the government designed by his forefathers.  It is something more evil.  The country that they designed would have a government leave people alone to just go about their normal, hard-working, daily lives. 

Let people be. 

Let the states be.

As I was leaving the funeral and driving back to work, I drove by his county courthouse.  As I was sitting at the stop light, I looked up at the side of that old square stone building.  Carved on the side of that building were the words, "For The Safety Of The State Above All Else".

Think about that.  Now, think of what Arizona is trying to accomplish for the safety of its citizens.  Above all else?  And now think of what the Federal government is trying to do to the state of Arizona against the safety of the State.

Is this the federal government that our early states agreed to give power to?  Is this the type of government that allows a man like my great uncle to just live as he wants to live?  In Safety?  In his own measure?

How far the mighty have fallen.



#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 07-Jul-2010

Amazing how we both hit on the same basic idea so close together, my friend. I look around at what's become of our country, and at how low we are compared to hard-working ancestors like your uncle (my condolences), and it depresses me.

Our government, however you measure it, is far more oppressive than anything King George ever dreamed of.

We went to war with England over a twelve percent tax, for Heaven's sake, and now we're "happy" to be paying more than double that?

And yet, at a national level, I don't see anything improving, ever. Our politicians—in both parties—are trapped in the Progressive era, insisting that Washington-led central policy is the only possible solution to every problem. And as such, every last issue becomes Federalized, and every inch of our lives is turned over to bureaucrats thousands of miles away (or in my case, dozens) for Soviet-style decision-making.

When in the history of the world has this sort of situation EVER ended well? What country has EVER regulated itself into prosperity?

The future is bleak, to say the least.

Anyway, thanks for the heartfelt post man. I think you hit it right on the head!

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