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When I first heard Hillary Clinton suggest that the Federal Government would be suing a State for assisting the enforcement of Federal law, I laughed.

"Surely, they can't be that stupid," I said.

And yet, as I find over and over again, our current Executive really is as dumb as dirt, for such a lawsuit was filed first thing yesterday morning—the day after our Federal observance of Independence Day... which memorializes our nation's separation from an overbearing and abusive Government.

Ironic as it was, I was stunned. Apparently, our Government is now fully in the business of prosecuting law enforcement.

Unfortunately for me, that little surprise was only the beginning:—One of the lawyers representing our Federal Government on this case in an official capacity has previously defended known terrorists in open court; terrorists, incidentally, who were actively trying to wage war on the United States of America.

Oddly enough, this act is defined by the Constitution as treason.

Seriously... I'm at a loss for words.

What happened to our country?

And how can we get it back?



#1 Jon 07-Jul-2010

"Surely, they can't be that stupid," I said.

1)  This means in the next administration, the Federal Government can file a suit against Sanctuary Cities, too.

2)  Most ludicrous is that AZ SB1070 never mentions Federal Immigration guidelines.  Just that if after a check the person isn't legal, the suspect goes over to ICE.

3)  If it's illegal to check for valid immigration status, I guess the Fed needs to sue themselves over the Fed's E-Verify system .

#2 captainfish 07-Jul-2010

They better start suing California.  They better start suing Texas.  They better start suing other states and localities.

This is nothing but a PR move.  A very bad, managed, PR move.  The only thing it is designed to do is to make others take pause when thinking of doing the same.

the same?  make them pause when seeking more state's rights.

How much press have those states gotten for suing the FED over the health care bill?

#3 captainfish 08-Jul-2010
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