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The Associated Press Gets its Woot Deserts

It would seem that my mortal enemy has, in the process of publishing an article about the excellent flash-auction site, lifted some of that good old-fashioned unauthorized content from the site.

Needless to say, Woot noticed—and their ruthless calculations definitely have me in stitches... But for fear of offending the Great Wootsters and incurring their monetary wrath, I won't reproduce any of it here.

Be sure to click on over and check it out—You'll hopefully enjoy a mirthful laugh, too!

PS: Amazon bought Woot?! Guess that means their internally-"innovated" clone didn't work out so well, eh?

PPS: Of course Paul Colford responded to the joke. His funnybone was surgically removed eons ago! ;)

 Tags: AP Copyright #DailyFodder

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