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Fastfic 1: Capture

I know this is beyond the traditional scope of this blog, but as y'all know, I'm busy trying to get my mojo back—Which means I need to get pen down on paper (or BlackBerry, as the case may be) and produce content, no matter what kind. If you don't care for ad-hoc ("unfinished") fiction, please feel free to skip this one.

Inspired by Cyjoe Barker, the littlest detective in the world!

Trevor looked nervously over his shoulder as the sound approached. His heart raced as he recalled vividly the threat he faced. He had been stupid to try what he did, but it was a little bit late for that right now.

The sound of a car grinding to a halt in the gravel parking lot outside shook him from his thought. If he didn't find a way out now, there was no telling what horrors he faced.

He raced through the back door and into the alley. The butchers from the store next door looked up in amusement at his rapid pace, and then returned to whatever it was they were doing.

As he rounded the first corner, he heard the door crash, followed by the shouts of his assailants.

They knew which way he ran!

In a race for time, Trevor tore through alley and street alike, and slowly, the sounds of the thugs grew distant.

He slowed to a halt in front of an apartment building and caught a deep breath. And as he did, he heard a van door open.

He recognized what it meant right in time to feel the pipe crack against the back of his head.

All in all, considering that he was the most valuable target in the Gaza Strip, it was inevitable.

(Thoughts? Comments? Feel free to share down below—If you like it enough, I just might write more later!)



#1 Barbara Schweitzer 08-Jul-2010

Okay, MORE please!  And THANKS! This is a page-turner, er, what can you call it? Window-breaker? Great beginning!

#2 DMartyr 08-Jul-2010

Actually, its pretty good. I used to edit fanfics (and wrote a few).

The one thing - a guy named "Trevor" in the Gaza Strip? No wonder he was a target...


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