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Nifty: Virginia Unsure of Land Ownership

One of the things I've long championed for cash-strapped governments is to follow the footsteps of our ancestors in tight times, and offset their budgetary problems with some good old-fashioned land sales.

It goes without saying that this presumes that your government actually knows how much land it owns:

As members of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s (R) commission on government reform and restructuring looked for ways to save the state money, one early option was selling surplus property.

The Commonwealth surely has buildings, parking lots and event undeveloped property that isn’t being used effectively, members thought.

There’s one small problem.No one — not the governor, not the legislature and not the state’s Department of General Services — maintains a complete list of Virginia’s real property assets.

It should be noted that Virginia's government, in a carryover from Colonial days, is explicitly charged with the task of tracking land ownership. The office maintaining these records was originally under the Governor's watch, and the Governor was responsible for signing the land grants disposing of unused land. The trend in our nation over the past hundred years, however, has caused the governments of most states to become more interested in social affairs rather than in traditional "governance," and from the looks of the article above, this trend has afflicted Virginia as well.

The last patent I've ever seen on file was signed by Doug Wilder back in 1993, and the land office was moved to the Library of Virginia sometime shortly thereafter, where it appears to have languished ever since.

With luck, Governor McDonnell will show an interest in restoring Virginia's ability to govern.



#1 captainfish 29-Jul-2010

oh holy hell.

imagine the feds being in the same boat......

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