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And Again: It's Mecca Time

You might recall a couple of years back an in-depth study on the myriad of reasons why the world needed to immediately adopt Mecca as the prime meridian, replacing Greenwich Mean Time as the de-facto standard of timekeeping measure throughout the world.

It looks like despite the laughing, their efforts continue. Reports the Elder:

It seems that a new skyscraper being built in Mecca is intended to further that claim.

The Abraj Al Bait Towers, which are due to be completed this year, will be 601 meters (1,972 ft) high. At the top will be four giant clocks facing each direction—the world's largest, and highest.

A new Al Arabiya article, in Arabic, is a light piece about a reporter visiting the British National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory in Greenwich and asking workers there whether they had ever heard of Mecca Time or of the Abraj Al Bait clock tower, which is challenging Greenwich to claim the title of the center of the world's time. None of them did.

Not to disparage the Saudi Arabian efforts or anything, but for a group of people that claims to have invented or discovered pretty much everything, they sure do seem to get all bent out of shape over their current standing—or lack thereof—in the modern world.

Of course, if they put as much effort into promoting peace amongst their people as they did into pushing jihad on the unbelievers, maybe there'd be a bit more progress to show by now.

But hey, why let a complete lack of progress since the 7th century stop you—The sky's the limit!


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