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ALERT: Al Qaeda Developing Black Death? UPDATE: heh

Update: Per DMartyr's comment below, this story's more than a year old. I'm guessing that this means that I need to get out more...

The Telegraph has uncovered some evidence that Al Qaeda is doing a little bit of E-Z-Baking over in their spare time. Via Bill Katz:

An al-Qaeda cell killed by the Black Death may have been developing biological weapons when it was infected, it has been reported.

The group of 40 terrorists were reported to have been killed by the plague at a training camp in Algeria earlier this month.

As Bill points out, even a moderately unsuccessful attack of any plague would be a catastrophe here in the United States, and would have drastic consequences for our daily lives. And when you put that thought together with the fact that we haven't been vaccinating for some of the nastier bugs that're out there for at least a generation, it's chilling to say the least.

Update: Rusty noticed this at about the same time I did—curses, foiled again!

He does offer an amusing aside to the story, though. Given that their success rate at developing biological weapons is somewhat underwhelming, maybe we ought to be encouraging them to do more of it. Hey, I'm all for encouraging own-goals by the other team!



#1 DMartyr 28-Jul-2010
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 28-Jul-2010

Wow, I totally missed the date on that. Guess I earned it, then:


#3 DMartyr 28-Jul-2010

Some news is always interesting, but the dates sometimes slip by!


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