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Another Reason Why D.C.-based Mainstream RNC Is Irrelevant

The Senate Republicans have been fighting for this last month to keep the Democrats to their word that they wouldnot pass any spending without being able to pay for that spending.

Democrats being who they are, said, "Screw YOU!" and kept trying to pass unemployment benefits extensions without any set funding source.  The Republicans, at least on this point, put their foot down and said that they would filibuster the extension.  The Republicans wanted the Democrats to use Stimulus Funds that have already been "allotted" by Congress.  The Democrats said, "Screw YOU!"

The Republicans filibustered.  They would have won if it weren't for the Democrats.

Two Republicans, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, voted to end the filibuster.

Oh.  Just another reason that the D.C. politik known as the RNC is irrelevant to the people of today, across this nation.  If you can't hold your own people together on KEY party platforms, then what good are you?  Either disband or kick them out of the party.

Brian suggests defunding D.C.  I suggest disbanding D.C.  Make each Congressperson work from their home district.  Set up a super-triple secure VPN VOIP connection so that everyone can see the others pontificating about their favorite cause or bill.  Give extra time for people to read the bills (cough, cough) and make changes. 

This will have the double benefit of making these overhyped baffoons more accountable to the people of their home district.  You would see an end to the types of Congressional attitude we have been witness to of late.

[UPDATE]  Let's not forget about this guy!


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