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The Onslaught Of The Big Brother Nanny State

I am sick and tired of the ever-growing nanny-state.  They think that they know better than we, better than parents, better than those people who have survived wars, natural disassters and violence and still somehow have managed to survive.

Yet, what is the scourge that propels the growing nanny-state to enact even more laws with the intent on protecting... the children?  Must protect the children, they say.

What is this vile evil that has befalled us in our time of helplessness that our governing bodies feel empowered out of moral necessity to enact further legislation?

Video Games.

Yes.  The evil, vile, unholy, dangerous, out-of-control, killing machine of video games. 

These bone-head ninnies actually believe that these video games are for real and cause real nationwide havoc.  They must!?!?  I mean... ok, read this:

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal made Connecticut the eleventh state to join a coalition that supports California's effort to restrict the sale of violent videogames.
Arguing that constitutional law allows states to prevent minors from buying games that allow players to "commit digital homicide, torture, and rape" the brief says that states have the right to protect children from "digital danger."

Better watch out!!!  Look OUT!!!!  It's... IT'S..... OH NO.  OH MY GOD!!!  HERE IT COMES!!!


Someone please help us!  Is there anyone that can save us from the virtual reality fake danger that has befallen our great society!?!?!?   

(And might I ask, please provide a game out there that allows the user to committ rape within the game right-out-of-the box without any form of tampering or code-editing?)

"Don't worry you ignorant unknowing common citizens.  We here at the Government Control for the Regulation and Viewing of Digital Danger for the Protection of Our Children understand the risks and acknowledge your family's plight.  We at the Government Control for the Regulation and Viewing of Digital Danger for the Protection of Our Children have pushed for civil laws to ban the sale of the heinous unadulterated violent murderous killing-spree video games to minors.  Why?  Because we know that you are to inept to control your kids and just are too incapable of telling lil' Suzie that she can't buy the latest version of 'Death Match Decapitation 4' from your local video game store.  So, we here at the Government Control for the Regulation and Viewing of Digital Danger for the Protection of Our Children will be there for you."

Who's doing this to us?  Who is this coalition?  Despite the fact that these LAWS have been overturned each and every time they have been taken to court...

[Attorney General Richard Blumenthal] joined the attorneys general of Virginia, Texas, Mississippi, Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland, Louisiana, Illinois, Hawaii, and Florida in filing a brief with the United States Supreme Court.

And note that most of these states are liberal.  What surprises me is that Texas is in on this travesty.

This blooming-idiot continues...

"Parents deserve tools to protect children from games that showcase digital decapitation and rape," Blumenthal said in a statement.

Tools?  Tools?!!?  This is a law, not a tool.  A tool is a an arm-length piece of wood with proper aerodynamic properties and contains a nice flattened end that aproximates the shape of your child's buttocks area.

And, if your child buys such a game, are these people really saying that the parents then have no recourse?  That the only time that parents can stop this menace is during the pre-sale period?  If lil' Suzie brings home Zombie Road Rage and Rape that the parents are just stuck with it?  Parents are just stuck with it?  They can't do anything?

"Certain games dangerously desensitize children with simulated homicide and hate crimes, turning graphic executions into entertainment. In the face of continued industry inaction -- enabling unattended children to buy such games -- states must preserve their critical right to protect children."

Unattended children?  You mean like those mass mobs of kids rampaging down the streets every night kicking old people's shins, murdering, raping, decapitating helpless adults?

What unattended CHILDREN can go to a store and fork over $50-$80 for a video game?  I may be in a protected area of this god-forsaken nation, but I have yet to see a 5-year old child walk in to Best Buy and plunk down his hard earned Christmas money for the latest Death Race 6000 with Super Raping Technology.

And no, I am terribly sorry, but the role of the state does not contain a critical right to protect people's children.  That is a bastardization of the laws.  Your obligation is to teach and to protect from real familial-based violence.  Not some virtual on-screen pretend violence that they themselves are conducting within a digital virtual reality.

But then....

"Protecting children from digital danger requires proactive parents -- but they need and deserve help," he continued. "The videogame industry should act responsibly -- play nice, not nasty -- and agree to sensible self-imposed restrictions that block children from buying the most violent games. I am calling on the videogame industry to follow the leadership of the motion picture industry, which sensibly stops unattended children from viewing violent or graphic movies."

So, you build your case on inactive parents and then support your cause by saying parents can help by being proactive.  Which is it?  If you have a law then you are bypassing the parent's actions however they act. 

And then you bash the videogame industry for not being proactive.  Yet, haven't they been?  Haven't they put on a voluntary based rating system?  And how in the hell can a video game creator or publisher prevent an individual person from buying their game at any individual store? 

Just like the movies?

Do we have laws on limiting children to seeing certain rated movies?  No.  We currently have individual theater policies that limit children under 17 from seeing R-rated or above movies.

Are we now going to have laws for theater viewing?  We better if we are going to allow these kind of restrictive video game laws.

Blaming the video game industry for their supposed inaction is like blaming the movie producers for not being AT the theater to limit kids from viewing R-rated or above movies.  It's not their job.  If we are ok with the movie theaters to self-limit viewing, then we should be ok with video game stores doing the same.

But for right now, keep your big brother nanny state hands off of our free right to purchase.


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