The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Dawning of a Hyper-Technical Dark Age

This post inspired by a particularly energetic lunchtime conversation.

Good friend brought up new technology

Collects sunlight on roof, distributes via fiber optic cables to light fixtures in building

Sounds great and all, but technology like that has existed for over a thousand years.


In use since Roman times.

Allows as much light in as you want, use shades and curtains to control when not wanted

Very cheap to install, no specialized skills required to do so

Extremely cost-effective over the life of the building, not prone to expensive failure

So why are we spending billions on fruitless non-advances in technology?

My thesis is that we're entering a hyper-technical dark age

"Technology" generic solution for every problem, even if "technological" solution doesn't make more sense than existing technology

Always cost more, provide questionable return on investment

Maintenance costs significantly higher over lifetime



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