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The Jawa Report Pwns Terrorist Supporters

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Looks like Rusty Shackleford taught the ehadis at Revolution Muslim a little lesson over the weekend.

Which is another reminder of the kind of things we haven't been doing for a while around here.


Excellent work as always, Rusty! Hopefully, we here at Snapped Shot will be able to hang with the cool kids again someday...



#1 Craig 07-Aug-2010
Hey there little Rusty fan. The spineless cowards at Jawareport should reveal themselves or shut the hell up! Seriously uh em we know who jawa's nut jobs are already so why hide behind their weak screen names. I am very anti extremist across the board, but lumping every Muslim into a jihad force is just plain ignorant. Jawa spreads hate not informative details. These bloggers mouth off and hide not allowing comments etc. It's like saying every catholic is a child molester or every Jew will steal your retirement plan. Ridiculous. So to the jawa bozos I say show your Jewish faces! How is Plano? How is it to have talknewsradio quietly support jawa's hate?'re not slick and you're not anonymous......we know who you are so step up punks!
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 07-Aug-2010
#3 Craig 07-Aug-2010
Brian,You are misled. I appreciate anyone stopping terrorists but I do not appreciate Jawa's ridiculous conspiracy theories making any non Jew a terrorist. They are simply cowards cowering behind bogus screen names and mouthing off against honest people. They hold no merit. Just what critical terrorists has Jawa thwarted from an attack?
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