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On the Border of Destruction

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I include this fantastically awesome photo just because I can.

I've been tracking reports of the clash between Israel and Lebanon earlier today, but haven't been able to come up with coverage that's any better than what's already out there—yeah, I stink—So here are some places you can go to learn more about it.

Aussie Dave and The Muqata bring the minute-by-minute accounting of what happened.

Carl in Jerusalem tracks casualties and premeditation.

Soccer Dad tracks "massive explosions"—Presumably caused by the big boomsticks the Lebanese army was carrying. He also noted that the Israeli government might've been expecting something like this.

The Jawas are tracking things, too.

The esteemed Robert Spencer speaks of ominous preludes. I shudder to think of how poorly a war between the two nations would be handled by the current anti-Israeli Administration.

Update: The Elder highlights some suspicious activity, captured cluelessly by an already-blinded press.

That's all I see in the Reader for now. I'll update this article if I run across anything suspicious on the photo wires. Since that's what Snapped Shot is all about, of course.



#1 captainfish 03-Aug-2010

From IsraellyCool..:

: Lebanese President Michel Suleiman has called on his country to “stand up to Israel’s violation of UN Resolution 1701 – whatever the cost.”

It would seem that our non-West friendly Lebanese President is showing his colors.  How often have they violated 1701 and Israel did nothing?  How often has the UN allowed Lebanon and Hezballah to violate 1701 to the extent of preparing for war, and Israel did nothing?

I think the photos on SoccerDave show proof positive that UNIFIL are working hand in hand with forces in Lebanon to attack Israel.  Whether turning a blind eye or actively aiding them (such as providing transport - alluded to in photo showing UNIFIL truck in background), the UN is a travesty.

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