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Don't Lose in North Korea

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Renowned soccer expert.

You might recall the odd antics of the North Korean soccer team during the recent World Cup. In particular, the fact that their coach actually claimed to have an invisible cell phone with which he could receive instructions from Kim Jong-Il.

Well, despite the amazing coaching advice given by Dear Leader, the team still lost—and after that, they returned to North Korea, where we now learn of their fate:

"Coach Kim Jong-hun and the team's athletes were made to stand on a stage and other North Korean athletes and students took turns criticizing the players. At the end of the session the team members were made to criticize their coach," RFA quoted a source as saying.

A source in Sinuiju said the theme of the session was "criticizing the betrayal of the trust of Kim Jong-un," Kim Jong-il's son and heir apparent. Coach Kim was probably reprimanded because somebody had to take the blame." The source added there are rumors that he was expelled from the party or sent to work at a construction site in Pyongyang."

On the bright side, they didn't die of acute lead poisoning. And that means they stand an equal chance of losing next year, thank Ronery Kim!

It's interesting to note that bolded part above, though—Up until now, North Korean life revolved exclusively around Kim Jong-Il. When we consider this along with some of the other rumblings we're hearing about the new transition of the Juche cult to the younger Kim, I think we're right around the corner from being able to call Li'l Kim's death.

One thing's for sure:—I will miss the excellent music.


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