The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Musical Interlude

Here's MY FIRST LAST, the last track off of the VAMPS' latest album. I'm definitely picking up a Smiths/Morrissey vibe off of this particular track, which is pretty nifty.

Own it now or be square, or somethin'.



#1 Kevin 29-Jul-2010

Not a fan of whiny music :(

To quote Ween (NSFW) describing the Smiths:


All you do is hate life and tell me about it

You're a homosexual just leave me out of it

All your music sounds the same

I don't even like your art f*g name

'cause I hate the Smiths and Steven Morrissey

You're always depressed and you're never glad

Maybe it's something to do with your dad

I like to be happy, I think that it's good

Hey, you're no bud, you're no dude

'cause I hate the Smiths and Steven Morrissey

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