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Fairfax Looking to Spend Billions

In most cities, a 40-year-old building is hardly considered to be old. In fact, in most places, that's considered downright modern.

Not here in luxurious Fairfax County, Virginia, apparently. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, according to the Washington Post, is considering razing the building pictured here because it's "not worth renovating."

At least, according to Sharon Bulova, the spendaholic Democrat who replaced Gerry Connolly as the Chair of the Board this past election. Whom just happens to also chair the County's budget committee.

Of course, considering that this is also the County that built itself a $1 billion golden palace on a whim (with the laughable excuse that such a modern office space would "attract" businesses to the area), maybe this isn't surprising—but as someone who will be directly taxed for this monstrosity that I'll never use, I'm more than annoyed.

How many billion dollar buildings does Fairfax County need, anyway?

One's enough, Fairfax. Learn to live with what you've got—That's what the rest of we Americans are having to do during these tough times.

You're not any better than the Citizens, after all.



#1 captainfish 29-Jul-2010

A large national company who has a major office in Oklahoma City.  They wanted to tear down 6 buildings in downtown OKC that are almost 100 years old.  They were going to use that block to build their new campus of buildings.

OKC said... NOPE.  These are old historical buildings.  They have character.  If you want these buildings you must spend more to renovate them.  OKC said, you can have 2 of them to destroy.  Those aren't seen well from the street so no one will notice.

The company is appealing the decision.  Else, they will move out of state.

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