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Circumventing Congress on Amnesty

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There were rumors floating around a little while back that the White House was looking for ways to skirt around Federal immigration law, offering amnesty to illegal immigrants using only the power of the Executive Branch.

To absolutely nobody's surprise, these rumors turn out to be completely true:

According to an internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services memo going the rounds of Capitol Hill and obtained by National Review, the agency is considering ways in which it could enact “meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action” — that is, without the consent of the American people through a vote in Congress.

Naturally, the government has responded, claiming that the memo was intended only to discuss "ideas."

Can you imagine how loud the outcry would've been if it were the Bush Administration that was "discussing ideas" about violating the law they were sworn to uphold?

(Thanks to P/Oed Pundit, who is guest-blogging for the recovering Gateway Pundit this week.)



#1 captainfish 30-Jul-2010

From Fox News comes a little dose of humor:

A group of Republican senators has written to top immigration officials in the Obama administration asking them to reveal whether large-scale plans are under way to provide a so-called non-legislative version of amnesty for thousands.

Yeah, like the Obama admin will come right out and spill the beans...

"Why, yes, yes we are.  Our plans, which we will detail directly to you, are to bypass Congress on each and every legislative action we have planned.  Thanks for asking."


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