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Finally: A Book About the Twelth Imam

Joel Rosenberg is the author of the excellent (and prophetic, if you ask me) Political Thrillers series, which I've discussed on a number of occasions—Particularly as his observations begin to align with actual events.

Well, it seems you can't hold a good author down, because he's been looking at the current situation between Israel and Iran—not to mention Iran's Twelver president—and has apparently been able to weave that into a new book.

I can only hope that Official Iranian Salute Guy plays a starring role. That'd definitely convince me to get my copy even faster!



#1 captainfish 30-Jul-2010

oooooooo.  goodie

#2 captainfish 30-Jul-2010

Hey Joel, ....

Nice book series, mate.  Didn't know you had it in ya.


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