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Perfect Example of Why Arizona Is Not Stepping On Federal Toes

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The only immigration controls Obama needs. Better run fast!

According to this article and recent and past actions by our federal ICE officials, there are blatant and obvious reasons and examples why Arizona's new "illegal-status-checking" bill is more and more necessary now than ever before.

According to recent rulings by Judge Bolton against AZ HB1070, the judge said that the bill would over-burden and over-ride the responsibilities of the federal government.  But, as we all know, the federal government has been busy doing less and less work over the last few years. 

And, under Pres Obama, ICE has been relegated to conducting small non-enforcement for-show raids against businesses.

Click on to let me show you how busy ICE really is....According to the article:

On July 20, 22 young illegal immigrants in caps and gowns entered the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., and began sit-ins in the offices of several senators. Twelve soon returned to the atrium, where they formed a circle around a banner reading "Undocumented and Unafraid." Refusing to be moved, the students were arrested by Capitol Police, as were nine others who had stayed put in the offices of Sen. John McCain and Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Less than two miles away, a similar protest by a separate but allied group was taking place at Lafayette Square in front of the White House. These students went a step further. Openly announcing their immigration status and giving their full names just across the Mall from Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters, they forced a difficult choice upon ICE officials.

Young people have come to the capital every year since 2001 to demonstrate in support of the act. But many senators suggest that the bill remains five votes short of the 60 needed for cloture, and it has slim prospects of being passed during this session of Congress. So in order to draw greater attention to their cause, affected students decided to undertake a risky form of civil disobedience. If arrested, they faced deportation.

Yet ICE has stated that it has no intention of initiating deportation proceedings against the students arrested in the Washington protests.

It now appears that illegals have become a protected class.  Therefore, they are due undue protections and benefits.  Many get welfare and Social Security.  Many get in-state tuitions and Federal Grants to attend school.

These individuals—plus several hundred more high school and college students of illegal status—had come to the capital to call for passage of the floundering Dream Act. Dream, the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, co-sponsored by 36 senators, including Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) and Richard Lugar (R., Ind.), would offer temporary residency to students who arrived in the U.S. illegally as minors if they attend college. It would grant them permanent residency upon graduating.

So, these new protected class of people, who should not be here at all, are paid to attend college and will be given free citizenship during their stay and automatic permanent citizenship once they graduate.  All of this provided by the free federal tax dollars.

Case in point again:

[ICE] officials likely wanted to avoid a repeat of what happened last month with a Harvard student named Eric Balderas.

Mr. Balderas had deportation proceedings opened against him after authorities discovered his status as he was passing through security at an airport. The case attracted widespread media attention and international backlash. Harvard administrators stated their support for Mr. Balderas, whose case was soon taken up by Mr. Durbin. After less than two weeks, ICE backed down, halting Mr. Balderas's deportation indefinitely.

And things will only get worse from here.

Pictures of these students protesting with impunity are already making an impression on students of illegal status from coast to coast, spreading the movement with the aid of social networking websites.

With that momentum, the activists intend to maintain a continuous presence in the capital. One organizer, Mo Abdollahi, who was brought to America illegally from Iran as a child, told me that the protests will go on "as long as it takes" for Dream to pass. At the same time, Mr. Abdollahi disputes the notion that these actions are deliberate provocations in the mold of Gandhi or King. He says that the Dreamers are "just trying to live [their] lives." If that means deportation, he says, it is a price they are willing to pay.

THEN DEPORT THEM!!!  Send them to Sheriff Joe.  He will be happy to do that dirty job if you are to sullied by your legislated duties!!

Our nation of laws has fallen to become a nation of public relations where the media seems to determine policy.

How can Arizona be determined to be stepping on ICE's toes when ICE doesn't even do anything.  If ICE turns its back on its duties, then it is encumbent upon the states to take up the slack.

If the federal government fails to protect America from an invading army, are states supposed to just allow it?  "Oh well, that is the job of the Federal Government and since they won't do it, guess no one can."   ??? Seriously? 


It is not in the state's interest to allow the Federal government to take upon itself duties that the states can do, and then prevent the states from doing those duties by claiming pre-imenence. 

How else to bypass laws than to preempt them from the states and then do everything to not do anything to enforce those laws.  Then cry pre-imenence when the states try again to protect themselves.

It is high time that our federal government return to its small and limited role and subservient status to the states.

It is time to rid the Federal government the duties of:

Ownership of lands that are not National Parks
Subsidization of private industry
Foreign subsidization
Tying the passing of state laws to receiving of federal tax dollars
Eliminate Czars and the ability of cabinets and departments to pass laws and regulations

...Among many others

And, I might even consider a new amendment that states: "For any law that would supplant state's rights, the law must be accepted by 3/4 of the states in a national vote."  This would support and add strength to the Constitutional guarantee of state's rights and the limited duties of the Federal government.

[UPDATE:]  As to my belief that illegals have now become a supreme protected class, I present as further evidence this:

Two Utah state employees are facing termination and possible criminal charges for allegedly exposing the names of over a thousand state residents believed to be illegal immigrants.

But officials have tracked the identifying information back to state Department of Workforce Services computers, and now, instead of the illegal immigrants answering to the authorities, two state employees charged with distributing the list face a criminal investigation.

Utah's Deseret News reports the workers – identified by various news sources as 15-year DWS employee Teresa Bassett and temporary worker Leah Carson – could be facing a $50,000 fine and up to a year in jail for disclosing private health information, with a possible increase to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if the conduct involves intent to sell or transfer the information for personal gain or malicious harm.

State officials have confirmed that DWS employees breached a database to gather the personal information publicized on the list – including addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, due dates of several pregnant women and even Social Security numbers of the alleged illegal aliens' children.

You won't see any illegal serving any kind of time near that long for breaching our borders and our securiety illegally.  And I would like to know how a child of illegals gets a social security number.  Oh, I know that there is the supposed belief that anyone born in the US is a citizen, but that just isn't true. 


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