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The Left's View On Fixing Immigration

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One of Obama's approved Americans.

Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters, has a piece up from Larry King Live that featured an unknown Lefty and Laura Ingraham.  They spoke and debated several topics but one I wanted to point your attention to was their debate regarding immigration.

The Left makes a few comments that he feels will lead to "fixing" of the immigration "problem".

The point here is that we need comprehensive immigration reform.  That means a humane guest worker policy. That means we need a path to citizenship. That means we need to repeal NAFTA, which create the push into the United States.  All we talk about is what happens when immigrants get here.  We need to talk about what pushes them there, what kind of economic policies have drawn Mexican farmers by stripping away their economic vitality in Mexico.

This is the type of stuff we need to be talking about, instead of engaging in reactionary policies, which is what the right has been doing. And the left has been sitting on its hands while this has happened.

These are some of the things that the Lefty's believe will fix the immigration "problem".

1) A humane guest worker policy.
2) A path to citizenship.
3) Repeal NAFTA.
4) Provide economic subsidization to Mexico to prevent out-migration from Mexico.

Hmmmm.  Let's see.  We got #1 covered.  We have #2 covered as well.  However, neither #1 or #2 prevents illegal immigration, only signifies legal migration.  Like creating a law to provide a path to gun ownership in Chicago.  While it is cumbersome and detailed for legal gun owners, those who purchase the guns illegally have always existed.  The key is to bar the importation of guns in to the city except through authorized channels.

As for #3, it was the Left that pushed more heavily the passage of NAFTA.  Many on the right feared that it would mean that American jobs would leave and move to south of the border.  While many on the Left wanted NAFTA passed because they wanted American jobs to be relocated to the other side of the border in the hope of spreading American wealth.  Both happened, and thus NAFTA came to be more of a harm to the American economy.

And then, expanding upon the dreams of NAFTA the Left wants to push even more monies south of the border.  The Left believes that taking America's wealth and spreading it to other countries will help the people of those poor and poverty-ridden nations.

Yet, after trillions of dollars given away in foreign aid over the decades, the exact same issues still exist to this day.  And, those bribes have yet to generate any good-will toward us.  Get ready for the Left to being massive PR campaigns to increase subsidies of southern countries, especially in this new anti-American pro-illegal immigration bill.

But, that doesn't keep the Left from their flightful fits of fancy and dreams.  Reality rarely intrudes upon the brains of the Left.


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