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Freedom of Depress: Cuba Threatens Blogger

The Left's bastion of freedom.

Via Babalú, we learn about the case of Iván García, a blogger and journalist for the El Múndo Amercias newspaper.

On the morning of 7 August I knew it was of interest to the State Security. The local residents, somewhat fearful, I was told that two guys who looked like a political police agents looking for me.

In Cuba, when the special services I mentioned in an official capacity, almost always with the express wish to send a message of fear. It begins a campaign of harassment that the person scheduled to desist in their work, whether as a journalist or dissident.

See, while useful idiots like Oliver Stone and irrelevant rockers like Audioslave will all tell you that Cuba is the one of the most free societies in the world, this is the reality:—Anyone who dares to question the official regime is threatened with violence and/or 20 years in prison.

And not a delightful country-club prison, either.

Feel free to click below the fold for an English transcription of the official notice above. "Frightening" doesn't even begin to cover it!

Courtesy Google Translate (with the assistance of my horrific high school Spanish):

Watch. (A.): Iván García Quintero, a resident of: Carman 12 apt. 3 (near) San Lazaro Street and 10th of October Street, 10 October (precinct?).

You are hereby officially quoted to UD, is present in our unit, (situated) in: North Street and Final Distribution Almendares, Alta Habana, with the aim of being interviewed, to be presented to Lt. Colonel Enrique de la CIM (by) 9:00 pm on Monday, 9 August 2010.

Anyone with a higher understanding of Spanish is more than welcome to correct me, incidentally.


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