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Mark Warner is Smart

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Really smart.

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), speaking to reporters about the outrageous death caused by an illegal alien here in Northern Virginia, drops this brilliant proclamation (via our good friends at BVBL):

"This is why we desperately need bipartisan immigration reform," Warner said. "At the end of the day, we've got to have a system where the employer can verify the legal status before they hire someone … and right now, we don't have anything like that."

I guess the smartest Senator in the world hasn't heard of the E-Verify program?

Because that's pretty much what he described.

One other interesting tidbit jumped out at me farther down the article:

On Thursday, the ACLU sent a letter to police chiefs around the commonwealth that basically told them to ignore Cuccinelli's July 30 opinion, in which he concluded that law enforcement, including conservation officers, do in fact hold authority to inquire about immigration status from those who are stopped or arrested. Cuccinelli's opinion came at the request of Marshall, who wanted a clarification of what laws were already on the books so he could better prepare for the next legislative session.

Who would've guessed that the country's oldest anti-American front group would step in in to try and stop our government from enforcing the law?

The ACLU certainly has priorities—America just isn't one of 'em.


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