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The Highly Paid Hotties of Hezbullah

I joked in a tweet earlier that I was suddenly conflicted on the terrorist group that we've been savaging around here since the day we went online—but the Elder of Ziyon took it and proved once again that context is everything:

In its first issue of 2007, the Lebanese weekly current affairs magazine Ash-Shiraa, in a story on the newly-initiated downtown sit-in that would eventually last for over 18 months, published a statistic showing that that while Hezbollah paid veiled – or muhajjabat –supporters $15 per day for attending the demonstration, those who agreed to go unveiled were paid a little over $33 or 50,000 LL.

On a positive note, it gives Bilal Hussein something better to do with his time.

And it's not like I can blame him. Would you!?

Lebanese Hezbollah supporters wave the movement's (yellow) and their national flags as the Shiite Muslim group chief Hassan Nasrallah delivers a televised address during a ceremony in southern Beirut on August 3, 2010 marking the fourth anniversary of the end of the party's devastating war with Israel. AFP PHOTO/ANWAR AMRO

(And now in the interests of balance, I think it's time that I ask for a little bit of moral support from you readers. If you have any photos of hot Israeli women, please use this occasion to flagrantly post them—within reason—down in the comments section. Doing so will help to ensure that Snapped Shot remains far away from the dark side forever, 'n stuff! ;) )

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#1 Anonymous 04-Aug-2010

Bar Rafaeli:

#2 Anonymous 04-Aug-2010

Adi Himelbloy

#3 Donkeyrock 04-Aug-2010

Moran Atias seems purdy

#4 DMartyr 04-Aug-2010

Now, Brian, I know you weren't going to only let the guys have fun!

Here are some of my picks for IDF hotties!


Okay, I think guys with a soft spot for animals are really HOT!


And the most famous IDF hottie:

"You talkin' to me?"

I don't know if this guy is IDF or not, he's just HOT!:


Face it, Israelis are damn good looking people!

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