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AZ Gov Jan Brewer, Here's Your Evidence For Your Next Trial

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Inconvenient Hypocrisy!

I found this while spelunking around the Pirate's Cove.  It's a nice place, though sometimes you have to watch for the loons.  They can really bug you by constantly flittering around your head never listening to reason.

Saying that, the Pirate is very sensible and connected.  While I mosy'd up to his tidewater bar for some summer relief, he mentioned this little bit of news to me after my third round.

I don't know if it was the sun, the jungle-juice or what, but I was shocked, I tell ya.  Absolutely SHOCKED!

I can't imagine that something like this would go on during times like these.  Here, let me show you what Pirate William revealed to me.  And believe it or not. 

It's not a secret.

As Teach points out from his article:

But the Obama administration is quickly and quietly rolling out a program, started in Boston, that relies on the help of local police departments and is raising fears of racial profiling.

The program is called Secure Communities.

“(It) is our strategy to identify and remove criminal aliens,” says Jim Martin, the deputy field director for Boston’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office. “We focus on those that pose the most danger to communities, to the general public.”

The program will help the Obama administration reach its goal of deporting 400,000 immigrants this year. It depends on cities and towns funneling information on the people they arrest to immigration authorities, who check to see if they’re violating immigration laws and might be deportable.

However, I think the key point to this is that last part from the middle paragraph:  "the most danger to communities". 

Thus, they don't care about little Juan who was just picked up while going out for ice cream with his grandkids.  The ICE officials say they are now only focused on those illegals that are really dangerous to society.  It is those people that Obama wants to make sure we kick out of this country before they cause too much damage.

Yeah.... how's that working out for ya?

If they can't even get rid of the nasties, how can we rely upon them for our medical care? (wait, where did that come from?)

However, I do think this adds fuel to the fire that this Administration as well as those prior HAVE worked with state and local law enforcement authorities to help manage and control the flow of illegals in their individual states.

You can't use the excuse that the AZ law will cause more work for ICE, when ICE itself is actively asking for local law enforcement help in reporting illegals to them.

By the way Teach, thanks for letting me borrow your pinup!



#1 William Teach 08-Aug-2010

Always welcome to them, Captainfish!

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