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Changing Unpopular Debt-Ridden Socialist Program Deemed Unpopular

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Mmmmmm.  She's got milk!

A Socialism-based universal program established years ago to provide free milk to programs and centers that care for kids 5 and under is facing renewed criticism.

The program, while purely a money outlay, was really never expected to make money even during good economic times.  However during good economic times, there is a surplus of money that can be used to pay for the free milk. 

But during hard economic times when running in the constant red, having a program that spends tens of millions of pounds a year to buy milk for kids causes some of the more logical to question the program.

However, when talk of dropping the FREE from the free program arises, it is quickly quashed due to fears of making babies cry.

When you fear making babies cry when you are trying to end an old Socialist Free Milk program, then your country is not meant to be anymore.

Coalition plans to remove free milk for the under-fives were summarily dropped by David Cameron today amid fears it would remind voters of the "Thatcher milk snatcher" episode of the 1970s.

Cameron moved so quickly that David Willetts, the higher education minister, was on live television defending the idea of removing free milk when the prime minister announced the U-turn, leaving broadcasters to tell Willetts of the change.

The idea of removing free milk had been the brainchild of the junior health minister, Anne Milton. The government expected opposition to the measure from the media, parents, nurseries, childminders and the dairy sector.
Milton said that the cost of running the scheme in England this year was nearly £50m and would rise to £59m in 2011-12. She said the programme did not "provide value for money in difficult times" and had "become increasingly outdated".

With rising milk prices and an ever growing populace, a program that privides free milk to all kids under 5 is a LOSER.  And what is their worry?  About the poorest among them not being able to eat at all.  EH?

"If it were to happen, and no final decision has been taken, then obviously it would be very important to protect the poorest families and make sure that they continue to have access to a healthy diet." But even as the minister spoke, Downing Street was making clear to reporters that the idea would not be going ahead.

So, asking families to fork over SOMETHING to help pay for the milk as PART of the diet of their own children will mean that the poor kids will go without food?!?!?!

See folks.  Once you implement a universal program that provides free stuff to people, people come to expect it as a right.  They come to expect that program to be there forever despite any downturns in the economy. 

How in the world did people survive during the Dark Ages when people had to fend for themselves?

Meanwhile, Socialists plan to screw over the milk producers by limiting the price they are paid for their milk product.

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Jul 12 2010
Milk farmers throw boots and clothes during a demonstration outside the European Council headquarters in Brussels July 12, 2010. Milk producers protested against lower selling prices of milk outside a meeting of European Union agriculture ministers. REUTERS/ Thierry Roge

So, you have Socialist programs that hand out free milk paid for by taxpayers.  And you have another Socialist program that in-turn reduces the price of milk paid to milk producers. 

Happiness abounds for all in the rose-colored Socialist world.


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