The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Rough translation via Google—Original here.

Luis Felipe Rojas, whom I introduced you to recently, has been actively trying to bring the brutal oppression of the Cuban regime to light via his website, Cruzar las alambradas (Crossing the Barbed Wire).

This effort has not gone unnoticed—The Cuban government has now arrested him:

The Castro regime's repressive machinery is shifting into overdrive as the brutal crackdown of opposition members of Cuba's society sweeps the island. The latest victim is blogger Luis Felipe Rojas from Cruzar las Alambradas, who has been diligently and methodically detailing the human rights abuses carried out by the regime.

Rojas has been posting names and pictures of the Castro thugs on his blog, and for his trouble, he was arrested by Cuba's equivalent of the East German Stasi, the notorious G2.

Update: While the Cuban regime is busy violating the human rights of its subjects in cases like this, the "professional" media—vaunted finders of truth—are busy covering such hard-hitting topics as the everyday purchase of two machetes.

What can I say? "Professional" news is dead.

Long live the new professionals.

Update: Luis has been released. Is this the proverbial warning shot across the bow? Or will there be more to come?

"Just released: 12 hours sitting in the lobby of a police station.The report DD HH [ed: Derechos Humanos; "Human Rights"] on my blog [was annoying] to [the dictator]"

(via touched-up Google Translate again)


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