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Corey Stewart Believes in the Rule of Law

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This just in, via e-mail:

PRINCE WILLIAM, VA- Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey A. Stewart, head of the Virginia Rule of Law Campaign, issued the following statement today in support of Governor Robert F. McDonnell's decision to request that Immigration and Customs Enforcement enter into a 287(g) partnership with the Virginia Department of State Police.

Statement of Corey A. Stewart

I vigorously supported Bob McDonnell for Governor because I knew he had a fundamental respect for the Rule of Law. This is a great first step.

Governor McDonnell has always been a supporter of 287(g). As attorney general, he stood with Prince William County as we endured unfounded accusations and baseless criticisms from the uninformed Left.

During the campaign for Governor, he promised to seek 287(g) authority. As a Virginian, I am proud that we have a Governor who continues to make good on his promises. As a County leader, I am glad we finally have a Governor who is willing to lead on this issue.

Since 2007, Prince William County has been detaining, identifying, and initiating deportation proceedings on criminal illegal aliens at our jail and with our Police Department. In that time our county of 400,000 has identified and release to ICE custody nearly 3,000 criminals who should be deported.

When ICE grants Virginia the 287(g) authority, it will be a force multiplier for Prince William County's own effort. A unified Commonwealth-wide effort will result in better coordination with ICE. When Prince William County adopted strict enforcement policies and our Rule of Law resolution, it drove criminal illegal aliens to other counties. A Virginia-wide policy will send a strong message.

Ultimately, to address illegal immigration in Virginia, we’re going to have to adopt an Arizona-like statute. The 287(g) authority is a key component, but you need a policy that directs law enforcement to make checks, prohibits localities from adopting sanctuary policies, and provides officers all the tools they need to fight illegal immigration.



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