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And The States Fight On

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States cutting away the Federal control over State's rights.

So, you've heard, I'm sure, that Arizona passed a law recently allowing local and state police enforcement personnel to determine a person's residency status during an arrest or lawful stop.


Well, it would seem that there were other states that have or will pass similar legislation.

The latest in the news is Florida. The measure made it to the ballot but a judge decided that the voters were too stupid and would be confused by the measure's language.

Judges. There to protect people's ignorance.

The Florida Supreme Court will consider this week whether to restore Proposition C, a ballot measure that would prohibit the government from requiring people to have health insurance or from penalizing them for not having it, a key provision of President Obama's health care law.

The state high court will begin hearing oral arguments Wednesday. The Florida legislature in April approved the referendum, which is similar to the one Missouri voters overwhelmingly passed this this month, but a lower court removed the measure from the ballot last month, saying it was misleading and could confuse voters.

If the measure is restored, 60 percent of Florida voters would have to approve it to block the insurance mandate.

Legislatures in Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana and Virginia have passed similar statutes without referring them to the ballot, and voters in Arizona and Oklahoma will vote on such measures as state constitutional amendments in November. Missouri was the first state to challenge aspects of the federal law in a referendum.



#1 Kevin 17-Aug-2010

I hate to break it to you, Cap'n, but the image you showed wasn't of someone cutting down on federal control, it was someone cutting down a tree.  There is a difference.





#2 captainfish 17-Aug-2010

Yeah, its called Artistic License.  I can't help it if you don't have an artistic eye and can't see the beauty and message in the art.

Such a pity, Kevin.  tsk, tsk, tsk.

#3 Kevin 17-Aug-2010

Heh.  I remember (I think it was on Snapped Shot) an Indian online newspaper did a story about foods that increase the risk strokes in humans, and next to it was a photo of band members of a group called 'The Strokes'.

#4 Kevin 17-Aug-2010

oops, add an 'of' in there, and replace the last 'of' with 'from'.  I think and type very well don't.

#5 captainfish 17-Aug-2010

sorry?  confused am what are I of from that?

#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 19-Aug-2010
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