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One Man's Piracy Is Another Man's Love Boat

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One piracy is not like the other.

It would seem that piracy is not as bad an act as we once thought it was.  Granted, we aren't talking about something created through intellectual means, but of cold hard steel

RICHMOND, Va. – A judge on Tuesday dismissed piracy charges against six Somali men accused of attacking a Navy ship off the coast of Africa, concluding the U.S. government failed to make the case their alleged actions amounted to piracy.

Defense attorneys argued last month that the Ashland defendants did not meet the U.S. legal definition of piracy because they did not take command of and rob the amphibious dock landing ship.

Jackson agreed in his ruling, finding that the government "failed to establish that any unauthorized acts of violence or aggression committed on the high seas constitutes piracy as defined by the law of nations."

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Am guessing that they prolly won't have to pay a $180,000 dollar fine for trying to share the ship with their friends either.



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