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Evidence Of An Obama Voter

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Stupid is as Stupid does.

I think I have found a true Obama voter.  No, no, not Lady GAGA-googoo in the photo above, but.... well, ok, probably her too.  But, I'm actually referring to the dude from this article

I believe he is a typical voter for Democrat politicians.  I don't think that this person possibly decided to vote for Obama out of some sense of learned education or historical appeal. 

An Oregon man has been arrested after he allegedly stole a ladder from a man and then called him later to sell him a ladder.

Washington County sheriff's deputies say Kevin Gilman faces theft and burglary charges after a man reported seeing him with a stolen ladder last month and detained him until deputies arrived.

Shortly after his release from jail, Gilman allegedly called the man asking if he was interested in purchasing a ladder. The man called authorities again.

Deputies say Gilman apparently did not realize it was the same person who had assisted in his first arrest.

Am sure he fits their ideal voter to the T.

[UPDATE]  Is this another Obama voter?  One who depends on government social programs, and people, to care for her child in her place?



#1 James Young 11-Aug-2010

Obviously, you're right.

After all, this guy clearly understands the core of Democrat economics, with him in the role of government: steal from the victim/taxpayer, then offer to provide him with what was stolen after, of course, the thief/government reduces the value of the item/"service" it is providing.

#2 captainfish 11-Aug-2010

It's like a James Bond movie.  Villain steals a country's water supply and then forces the country to buy it from him at blackmail prices.

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