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We're Homeland Security. We're Your First, Last, Best Hope For Security

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They may be the Department of Homeland Security, but they sure do know their limitations.  Don't expect them admit to doing too much or overworking themselves.  I mean, if they did, and then didn't live up to those expectations, then you would be really upset.  Right?

Well, then they are doing this all right, then.

Documents produced by the Department of Homeland Security indicate that in fiscal 2010 the department is planning to catch only 26 percent of travelers committing major criminal violations while seeking to enter the United States through international airports.

Oh. Ok.  Well, if that's the best they can do, and they do it right, then I guess they are doing their best.  Let's see.

DHS documents also indicate that the department believes it will fail to screen against law enforcement databases 15 percent of travelers entering the United States in 2010 through all official ports of entry.

OH, hmmm.  So, even for the 26% of those entrants that they tried to screen, 15% of those attempted searches will fail to access any of the intended databases.  And yet, did they allow those people in the country anyway?

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So, how does this 26% compare to before?  Are we just having an off year due to the economy?

In fiscal 2008, according to DHS, the department caught only 25 percent of those committing “major violations” while entering the U.S. on international flights. It also planned to catch only 25% in fiscal 2009, which ended on Sept. 30.

Planned?  PLANNED?!?!

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So, wait, are they planning on doing better this time since they know what to do now?

For fiscal 2010, which began on Oct. 1, DHS set it sites slightly higher, planning to catch 26 percent of “major” violators entering the U.S. on international flights while letting 74 percent get away...

If they are only predicting catching 26% of the VIOLENT people trying to enter, how many of the non-violent people are they ALLOWING to enter illegally?

I think this evidence is shocking.  Why aren't they doing their jobs?!?!

And here we thought the southern border was porous just because of its location.  Turns out, all of our borders are porous because of choice and incompetence.

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And the Socialist elites in Congress want to actively allow more illegals in by their choice through amnesty?  I think they are doing a bang-up job of that already!

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[UPDATE]  The Pirate overlord Teach has an addition to this story.  Unfortunately he was off hijacking some bootie and was unable to tie these stories together, but as an official underling at post blogging, I mean.. blogging, I am happy to help anyone out.

In the three fiscal years from 2007-2009, the Department of Homeland Security caught and released 481 illegal aliens from state sponsors of terrorism and “countries of interest” who are now fugitives, according to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement database obtained by as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request.

Pirate Teach highlights this insanity with:

It’s not like Islamic terrorists, some of them in the country illegally, have attempted attacks withing the USA, with some succeeding

It’d be nice if the federal government was actually interested in, you know, safeguarding its citizens, a job specifically outlined in that pesky Constitution thingy. It’s simply amazing that Los Federales think that these types of illegals will actually report for their own deportation when released on their own recognizance.

Teach.  Why so pessimistic?  You know these immigrants only want to follow our laws and live a life of peace, harmony and equality.  They don't break any laws and follow our laws to the T.  I am sure you will see them standing at the door marked "Deportation" very soon.

... very.  soon...


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