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Mecca Time Starts Tomorrow

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Tick tock.

Via Pamela and Fr. Steven Smuts we learn that the great Mecca Standard Time clock, which we've discussed recently here in Zero-Reader Land, will officially start ticking tomorrow—right in time for the start of Ramadan.

So begins the final countdown.

For more than a century, a point on the top of a hill in south-east London has been recognised as the centre of world time and the official starting point of each new day.

But now the supremacy of Greenwich Mean Time is being challenged by a gargantuan new clock being built in Mecca, by which the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims could soon be setting their watches.

Due to start ticking on Thursday as the faithful begin fasting during the month of Ramadan, the timepiece sits atop the Royal Mecca Clock Tower which dominates Islam’s holiest city.

Update: The Elder sounds off—And I just can't seem to make it past 2:00.



#1 captainfish 11-Aug-2010

So much for Muslim's showing "tolerance and accpetance" to the rest of the world.

Or is this just another sign from them of their intent to take-over the world?

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