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Hwack-Pthuut. Take That Feds!

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December 1956: A crowd of people surround the demolished head of a statue of Josef Stalin, including Daniel Sego, the man who cut off the head, during the Hungarian Revolt, Budapest, Hungary. Sego is spitting on the statue. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

In a semi-related note to the above photo, Florida now also spits in the Fed's eye.  Florida will soon join Arizona in standing up for the state's right to manage their immigration.

Florida's attorney general and a group of state lawmakers moved Wednesday to push the Sunshine State into the forefront of the national illegal immigration debate with a bill modeled after Arizona's controversial law -- only, they claim, with a better shot of withstanding a court challenge.

State Attorney General Bill McCollum, following the lead of Virginia's top prosecutor, also issued an opinion saying state law enforcement already have the right to ask about immigration status in the course of their duties.

Go Go Super-State Power Go!!


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