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Nothing Says Character Like....

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...let them eat cake!!!  Soldiers and voters are dime-a-dozen.

Nothing says character like visiting our honorable troops arriving home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Former Pres Bush and his wife Laura made a surprise visit to DFW airport and greeted the troops as they deplaned.

This is character.  A service to others.

How many times has His Majesty, The One, Lord High and Mighty, Barak Hoover Obama visited the troops?  Has he visited a local VA hospital?  Yes.  I count at least 3 trips.  Jan 2009, June 2009 (first and last to Bethesda) and Nov 2009 (first and last to Walter Reed). 

How many vacation trips has Obama taken since July 2010? 5 thus far and 2 more planned. So, does this mean he would rather go on vacation than visit HIS injured troops who have served and sacrificed for HIS country?  HIS service?

Heck, the Obamas just ignore our troops.

Many of the residents have special talents. Others are famous. To everyone who works at the hospital, the residents are all special and unique. One of the more colorful residents who had a smile glued to his face the entire time the Soldiers visited was Thomas Owens. ‘‘T.O.” as he likes to be called, bonded almost immediately with Sgt. Delvin Wright, an engineer with Headquarters Company, USAG. ‘‘We’re both from Maryland so we have a lot in common,” said Owens.

‘‘This has been my home for four years,” said Owens, who was in the Army stationed in Vietnam. Owens spends his days in a wheelchair but loves life and looks forward to the days when he can return to Maryland full time. ‘‘I do visit my Family on the weekends and they come here all the time,” said Owens.

‘‘My wife loves to visit and also play bingo at the hospital,” he laughed. Owens showed off photographs stored in his cell phone of the leather purses he crafts. Intricate in detail, Owens spends hours making them.

‘‘I even sent one to the first lady but I’ve not heard from Mrs. Obama yet,” said Owens. ‘‘But I’m hoping she will contact me soon.

How much money have the Obamas spent on their vacations?  Especially the lavish "Antoinette" vacation to Spain?  How many veterans could have been treated with that money?  Do you think T.O would like to go to Spain on a vacation?  What kind of character did that show?

Nah.  Screw the soldiers and veterans.  Screw the teachers and firefighters. 

How awesome would it be, how much inspiration and devotion would a President garner, if instead of them spending millions on their own vacation, they grant that money to the VA to help pay for injured vets to take vacations?

What kind of character would that show? 


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