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License to Ill

The only ID I'm ever going to need.

To absolutely nobody's surprise, the ultra-liberal Washington State now finds itself issuing verification-free licenses to relocated "immigrants" from Arizona. Guess that means we'll be seeing more Washington State plates around the D.C. metro area from now on.

But really—If we're not in the business of ensuring that our State-issued IDs actually identify us, then why do we even bother issuing them anymore?

Carlos Hernandez packed up his family and left Arizona after the state passed its sweeping immigration crackdown. The illegal immigrant's new home outside Seattle offered something Arizona could not: a driver's license.

Three states - Washington, New Mexico and Utah - allow illegal immigrants to get licenses because their laws do not require proof of citizenship or legal residency. An Associated Press analysis found that those states have seen a surge in immigrants seeking IDs in recent months, a trend experts attribute to crackdowns on illegal immigration in Arizona and elsewhere.

"It's difficult being undocumented and not having an identification," said Hernandez, of Puebla, Mexico. "You can use the Mexican ID, but people look down on it." An American driver's license is also a requirement for many jobs.

Boo freaking hoo!

Nobody's stopping Hernandez from returning to his native country, where he's more than welcome to actually work for a living. That way, he can live unmolested by the looking-down of others, and not face the stigma of sponging himself tax-free off of the rest of society.

Thankfully, there are still Americans out there that have a touch of common sense:

"Washington state and New Mexico have been magnet states for the fraudulent document brokers, human traffickers and alien smugglers for years," said Brian Zimmer, president of the Coalition for a Secure Driver's License, a nonprofit research group in Washington, D.C.

The question is: are there enough Americans left?

That remains to be seen.

Remember November.



#1 captainfish 14-Aug-2010

Why would you allow people to drive in your state that you have no ideawho they are, where they are from and have not assured that they canpay for any accidents?

My prediction for upcoming elections:

Repub will take both sides of Congress.  Obama will get re-elected.

Nothing will happen.  Obama will carry on as usual, taking more and more power away from Congress.  Rhinos in Congress will do nothing and hide under table at the Socialists' attacks on their inactivity and attempted roll-backs.

Worst thing to occur:

Rhinos get Congress and a Rhino gets presidency.  Nothing gets rolled back and as the country falls apart due to Socialists actions, the "Republican" party gets all the blame.

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