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Liberals Bastardize Martin Luther King Jr's Dream For America

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[Update] Obama throws King under the bus by going golfing.  Natch!

We have already heard from one preacher of hate earlier.  Now, that they held their "Let's hate the message while we preach the need for r-e-s-p-e-c-t" rally, let us see if they have actually listened to the message from Martin Luther King, Jr?

This weekend saw Glenn Beck and the Special Operation Warrior Foundation's "8/28" event that sought to "restore honor" to America.  One of the missions was also to turn America back to GOD and to reestablish the Black-robed Regiment to help spread GOD's word of freedom, equality, liberty, honor, truth, charity, and character. 

The other mission of the "8/28" event was to raise funds for the SOWF so that they could provide for the families and children of the fallen Special Ops personnel.

So, if you did not see the rally on TV or on the Restoring Honor Facebook page, what would you think the purpose of the rally was based on the title and easily searchable information about the event?

Let's find out what Rev. Al and his friends at their own rally (held after Glenn's) had to say about it.

Initial reports had the crowd size of the Glenn Beck "8/28" rally at over 500,000.  Here is a photo that shows you how that is entirely possible.  Yet, only at most 3,000 showed up for Rev. Al's "I think I remember what might have been said in my head during King's speech" event.

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So, why did Rev. Al feel the need to hold a separate event to Glenn's and not join MLK's neice and be by her side as she honored her uncle and father?

Thousands of people joined the Rev. Al Sharpton and other leaders Saturday to commemorate the anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s March on Washington in 1963. The event, billed as "Reclaim the Dream,"...

One wonders why he feels he must try and "reclaim" the dream when he and his ilk are supposedly the authority on what that dream wasis.  One wonders why, on the day that King is honored in one of the largest events on the Mall, that he felt the need to "reclaim" King's dream.

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Could it be he and his ilk have lost site of that dream and he guiltily feels the need to try and show the press that he still knows what that "dream" was about?

"People are clear in what Dr. King's dream was about, and we will not react to those who try to distort that dream," Sharpton said. He was one of several prominent leaders who condemned Beck's rally, despite cries from organizers that "Restoring Honor" was not intended to dishonor King or his work.

Wait, I thought you just said you were not going to react to Glenn's event?  How can you condemn an event that seeks to turn America back to GOD and honor?  Could it be sir, that you think you are the only one who knows the path to GOD and honor?  Well, sir, you do not.  And sir, from your actions, specificaly these actions, you have shown that you are the furthest from GOD and his vision.

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So, what did Rev Al speak of?  What topics did he talk of in order to "reclaim" MLK's dream?

Speakers addressed everything from education to ending gun violence to gay rights to congressional voting privileges for the District.

ummm..... That wasn't really King's dream, was it?  Was MLK really about gay rights?  Was he really all about education spending?  Rev Al makes his event  purely and expressely political.  Glenn Beck refused to make his politica focusing entirely on the rebuilding of America's soul and values. 

Who's closer to King's dream?

What else was said at this so-called peaceful love-fest?

Early at the event, a gospel choir took the stage after a fervent prayer by Barbara Williams-Skinner, president of the Skinner Leadership Institute.
"Like Dr. King, we believe that the bank of justice is not bankrupt," she said. "We thank you God for raising up President Barack Obama as a small down payment on that dream."

Is she really saying that blacks are still suffering from massive injustice like they were during King's time?  Is she really saying that King's dream was to put a black man in the office of President?  Was that the goal?  A small down payment on what?  What does she envision being the full payment?  Blacks in every facet of the government?

From what I believe, King's dream was just one of equality.  He just wanted everyone to have an equal opportunity to access their dreams and America's resources.   King's dream was not about expecting certain races to do better than others.

Bianca Farmer, a senior at Dunbar, drew applause when she told the crowd to continue to celebrate the achievement that Obama represents. "We must be fearful of stopping there," she said. "The fight is not in the same arena as it was 47 years ago, but the fight lives on."

I'm sorry, what?  ummm... what?  The fight is not in the same arena!?!?!?   So, the fight is no longer about equality of opportunity and looking at people outside of race?  King's dream is now about putting blacks in to elected office?

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I really just don't understand where this is going.

Some leaders Saturday pointed to what they characterized as lost ground in the quest for the principles that King held dear. "When I look at my television, I don't see the King crowd of blacks and whites together," said Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), who worked as an aide for King at the 1963 march.

Oh.  That makes more sense.  They just don't equal opportunity and having everyone color-blind, they want more black and white actors on TV.  Yep, I remember King saying that very same thing.....

And things just get nuttier from there.

NAACP President Ben Jealous said: "We are not sure what the message of the Beck rally is, since he told them to leave their signs at home. We have to revitalize jobs and schools and reclaim Dr. King's dream."

Ummmm.  WTH?!?!?!  What kind of statement is that?  I have no idea what the message of the RESTORING HONOR rally is because there are no signs in the crowd.


And they were saying this AT their rally that occurred following Glenn Becks that same day.  Were they watching the coverage or what?  They saw that there were no signs, right?  So, if they watched the event, then they sure as hell know what the event's message was!!

It just pisses them off that someone else can believe and carry King's dream as his own.  And be white.

Which ironically enough is diametrically opposite to what King believed.  King believed in a color blind society that everyone of every color carried the torch of freedom, liberty, equality, love and that everyone is a child of GOD.  Rev. Al shows every time that he does not follow any of those principles.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan told the rally participants that education is the civil rights issue of this generation.

A highlight of the Dunbar event was the presentation to a local student, Leah Carr of Northwest Washington, of a $100,000 scholarship to Bethune-Cookman University in Florida. Carr, who has a 3.5 grade-point average, said she had been unsure that she could attend college because her mother struggles to keep food on the table.

Wait.  She got a 3.5 GPA and received a $100,000 scholarship?  And with all the BILLIONS being spent on welfare, how  is the mother struggling to put food on the table?  I don't mean to be callous, for I have been where her mother has been.  And the only struggle I had was what to wear when I went to renew my welfare application.

The mood of the rally was not always as light.

"We will not stand silent as some seek to bamboozle Dr. King's dream," said Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League. "We reclaim the dream of Dr. King for the 21st century. We reclaim this dream because we are here to say we must be one nation. We stand on the shoulders of our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers."

See, you can see where this event is really going.  They don't honor America's founding fathers that gave them freedom and the American dream, but they only honor their relatives.  And, again they hype the "reclaiming" the dream.  Who took it from you?  You might want to ask why you lost it in the first place.  Could it be that you got off message and became a blackmailing organization that used race to get what you wanted?

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Is he really saying that Alveda King, the neice of Martin Luther King, was "bamboozling" her entire family's dream?  Are they saying that she is shaming the sacrifice that her uncle and her father paid for that dream? [Update]  Video of Alveda King's small piece.

Shame on you, sir!!!  Shame!

Jaime Contreras, president of SEIU-32BJ, [ED:  union thug, who would have guessed he would be here?]  said those gathered at the Mall with Beck "represent angry white people and hate-mongering." He added: "We will not let them stand in the way of the change we voted for!"

Cynthia Butler-McIntyre, national president of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, said the racial divisions between the rallies show that America has not yet become the "post-racial society" some claim it to be. "We came today to say that is a lie and the truth is not in it," she said.

I am actually speechless.  Can you feel the hate?  Can you feel the racism?  It is still racism even though it is on the other foot now.


"In this country still today there are cities where far less than 30 percent of black males are graduating to high school, therefore the dream is not yet complete."

Sorry bud, but that has nothing to do with racial inequality.  It speaks more of character.

And the topper:

Avis Jones DeWeever, executive director of the National Council of Negro Women, drew thunderous roars when she challenged those gathered to stand up for their place. "Don't let anyone tell you that they have the right to take their country back," she said. "It's our country, too. We will reclaim the dream. It was ours from the beginning."

So, who is closer to King's vision of America?  Glenn Beck or Rev Al?

You can decide for yourself.



#1 Kevin 28-Aug-2010

Beck, hands down.  Sharpton is always trying to get something for himself or some group he considers his people at the expense of some other group of people.  I despise that type of person.


Honestly, I don't watch Beck because of the timeslot.  But every time I hear him, I come away with the feeling that he wants everyone to improve their lot.  Not just certain groups.  MLK was like that too.


Oh, and one more thing that bugs the CRAP out of me. "...because her mother struggles to keep food on the table."  Bullsh*t.  We do a small amount of work a soup kitchen about an hour from here (we live in the boonies, there's no soup kitchens out here).  There is simply no way a mother in America would have trouble keeping food on her table unless she was addicted to drugs or alcohol.  None.  You can get enough food stamps to keep you and your whole family very fat indeed.  For free.  Unless you blow them on drugs, of course. 


The ONLY people we feed at the soup kitchen are drug addicts.  I don't mean 'most of them'.  All of them.  Sure, some of them are mentally ill, but they're also drug addicts.  It appears that even mentally ill non-drug addicts can make due with the free food stamps.


So the next time someone tells you that they are having trouble keeping food on the table, say "Well stop taking drugs you ditzy b*tch!"


Sorry.  Rant off.

#2 Kevin 28-Aug-2010

Hey, where's Brian hiding?

#3 captainfish 28-Aug-2010

Thanks Kevin for the rant.

As for Brian, ... yeah, don't know.  I think he went on vacation this past week.  He hasn't been on my IM either.  Its a vacation or he finally went "Virginian".  That's sort of like "going postal" but with a musket.

#4 Kevin 29-Aug-2010

We should totally make fun of him then, before he comes back and catches us.  Do you have a photo of him that we could manipulate?  All I have is this one.


I already chopped off his forehead, so I can't reuse it easily :(. 

#5 captainfish 29-Aug-2010

that's a pretty good one.


#6 MVH 30-Aug-2010

I can barely wait until that race-baiting and poverty-hustling buffoon, Sharpton, turns into a tiny footnote in an unread history book!

It shouldn't be too long since all he could muster was a couple thousand of those SEIU Purple People Beaters and other union thugs, whinny Leftist clergy and their sheeple, etc., etc., etc.


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