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Your Government Motors Answer To The Falling Car Market And The American Economy

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Welcome to the "World Of Tomorrow" today.  Soon every family will have this as their only car.

Thanks to the direct takeover of the then known as General Motors Corp., the brain-trust over at GM has exploded exponentially.  Thus, akin to the unparralled success of the moon shot, Chrysler (a subsidiary of GM Corp) has developed our country's saving grace.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the return of the FIAT "matchbox" car.  Due to the massive success of the "Smart Car", Government Motors believes it can corner the "car" market with its one-size-fits-all model.  This baby will suit everybody's needs. 

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Just look at that body work.  See the smooth ergonomical lines that exude raw power and mobility?  See how it handles deep snow, rains, and mud.  Look at how it swallows up the little league ballclub's practice equipment.  See how it handles your Spring Break camping trip with your 4 buddies.  See how it hauls your monthly grocery trips for your half-way house.

It does all that and more.  And, eagerly awaited is the even more powerful electric model.

Oh, and by the way,...

The Fiat 500 will be built in Toluca, Mexico.

Here's a video to show you how well these small cars live up to crashes.  (cough)

Yes, lovely isn't it.  The car is half the size of its original half-sized shape.  While the announcers certainly point out that the "cage" survived, your legs didn't.  You would probably bleed to death before the pieces stopped falling off of your wreckage. 

I'm still dumbfounded that our government feels these cars are perfectly safe for high speed road travel.  These are death machines.



#1 Clairese 31-Aug-2010

You know, if the cars are built in Mexico, it will provide an incentive for those buggers to stay home and not cross our border.


We need to invade Mexico as soon as we terminate operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. If ever a country needed a good ass-kicking, it is that penultimately corrupt government on our Southern border.


We should bust-up that MS13 operation and take over that chicken-shit country once and for all, and create a few additional stars for our flag in the process. Oh, and by the way (Republicans) did you know that Mexico has a shitload of oil? reason enough to invade by the Bush-Neocon standards, so let's wrap-up those foreign entanglements on the other side of the earth and get busy killing Mexicans.



#2 captainfish 31-Aug-2010

Ummm..  wow.  W.O.W!

Clairese.. feeling a tad bit... hurt? 

I would say, for an idea for a Republican to broach.... is for us to make a deal with Mexico.  We get A WHOLE LOT MORE OIL, and they allow us to go in and help police their cities and fight crime with impunity.

MS13 is actually a CentralS. American gang that has invaded the USA .. and unfortunately, has taken over quite large swaths of the states.

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