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Obama: The Real Man America Needs - Taking A Stand For Principles

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He's OUR manly-man.

We all know how great a man our glorious leader Pres Obama is.  He has fixed our economy.  He has placed us upon the right track for the first time ever in our entire history.

I mean, he is the one that took a stand and told everyone, that the "buck stops with him".  He takes full responsibility for everything that happens under his rule.. err.. I mean, administration.

I mean, come on.  How can you disagree?  Just take a look at some of his previous stand-up statements:

Obama blamed vast-right-wing-conspiracy for his political problems.

Obama blamed former Pres Bush for today's economic ills.

Obama blamed BP for Gulf oil disaster.

Obama blamed Republicans for Gulf oil disaster.

Obama blamed BP, again, for Gulf oil disaster.

Angry Obama deflected blame on Gulf oil disaster.

Obama blames Congress for Gulf oil disaster.

President Barack Obama on Friday blasted what he called the "ridiculous spectacle" of executives from the three companies connected to the Gulf oil spill shifting blame from themselves and said his administration will end the "cozy relationship" between federal regulators and the oil and gas industry.

Obama blames Democrats for economic stall.


Obama blamed America for the worlds's problems.



#1 Citizen Tom 02-Sep-2010

Hey! Give the man full credit. Think of all the apologies he has offered on America's behalf. It was not his fault we did all the thing he blamed us for doing.

#2 J. Tyler Ballance 03-Sep-2010

Those bikes are made in China, the dorky helmets are made in China, too. 


Mr. Obama looks dorky, but he should be talking about restoring our strategic manufacturing base. Why can't the President find an American made bike?  Becasue, other than some expensive racers, there are no bike manufacturing companies left here in the USA.


Bike helmets are another scam. You are more likely to be hit by lightening than to have a head injury while riding a bike, so if logic were followed, we would wear lightening rods instead of those ridiculous, uncomfortable helmets.  At the local level, work to repeal stupid, over-reaching nanny state laws, especially those without any basis in science, like bike helmet laws.

#3 captainfish 03-Sep-2010


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