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Celebrating Ramadan in Kashmir

On the 8th day of Ramadan, my true love gave to me... a launched boulder in the face.

Our coverage of the ultra devout Ramadan celebrations in Srinagar continues, as promised.

A Kashmiri protester throws a stone towards Indian police during an anti-India protest in Srinagar August 19, 2010. The two-month-old protests, the angriest since a separatist revolt against New Delhi broke out in Kashmir in 1989, have so far killed 59 people blamed on Indian security forces. The latest violence started with the death of a teenage student hit by a tear gas shell in early June. REUTERS/Danish Ismail (INDIAN-ADMINISTERD KASHMIR)

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Update: Captainfish points out that the caption says, "The latest violence started with the death of a teenage student hit by a tear gas shell in early June." This is, naturally, a lie—Which is easily refuted by pointing out that Srinagar has been raging pretty hard since May, at least.

But hey, one of the vaunted duties of the press is to fabricate excuses for Muslim-committed violence, don'tcha know?

(And well, it's not like it's really all that unusual for the City of Rage Boy... to rage.)

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#1 Kevin 19-Aug-2010

So much violence could be avoided in muslim areas if only they had street cleaners.  Someone pick up all of those rocks!

#2 J. Tyler Ballance 19-Aug-2010

That kid has pretty good natural form. If I could get him to rotate his shoulders more amd practice stepping diirectly into the throw, he could be a pretty good pitcher.


Kashmir is near where I briefly lived back in the 80's. It is considered a vaction spot by many on both sides of the border. The Pakistanis still bitch about Kashmir, claiming it to have been taken from them. If the two peoples were not so stubborn, Kasmir could become a favorite sport for international tourism and trade, and BOTH countries would reap huge benefits.

#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 19-Aug-2010


Fantastic point—The MLB should definitely send scouts over to Srinagar, because I'm seeing plenty of good pitchers over there. LOL!

(That's the same general picture I got from a former coworker who grew up there—The breadbasket of India, as it goes. They really could benefit from having stable relations between the two populations there—but human nature is what it is, I suppose. :) )

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