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Code Pink For California Gubernatorial Candidate Jerry Brown

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Code Pink and a Jack-ass.  Better together?

One of Jerry Brown's most ardent supporters for his election to become Governor of California again, are the Marxist Socialist goons from the Code Pink organization.

They are even holding a fund raiser at the Code Pink leader's home.

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How much more evidence do you need that the people you choose to elect
matters.  This man destroyed California with his policies and
spending.  Now he wants to do it again.

These are the same people that supported Saddam Hussein, supports Hugo Chavez, supports the Taliban, and has told a Gold Star Mom, that her son deserved to die in Iraq.

Yet, it is a sacrament of human nature that we must bloody our nose in the grime and muck, after havig stumbled upon the misery of our own making, before we realize that our actions were destroying our lives and leading us down the path to the sewer. 

All the while, we blamed others for the darkness and that growing awful smell.

California, how much longer are you going to go down that dark road?  Now is your chance to turn yourselves around and start walking toward the light.  Vote for true Conservatives and walk away from Socialism and Liberalism.  It is destroying your state.

(H/T to Gatewaypundit)


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