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I'm Burning Mad 'Cause They're Burning Mad 'Cause He's Burning Mad

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You've already burned in hell and don't even know it yet.


Drudge has a great set of links up today.  I have screen-capped them here.

You know, that pisses me off to no end.  We are told to be afraid that IF, SHOULD, this publicity-seeking pastor decide to burn some Qurans, THEN and AS A RESPONSE, the absolute most extremist elements of Islam will turn violent.

This pastor was told that to keep the peace, to prevent a possible violence against our soldiers (who are already dying from lack of support), he should not hold his Quran-burning event.

According to the picture at the top, how's that holding up?  (More here, here,)  It would seem, that this is just another good reason for protestors to come out and protest.  Heck, might as well protest Israel while they're at it. 

And the press couldn't wait to get their hands on the freely dispensed Quran either.

Even before the burn-a-rama starts, several Aghanies have been shot over their riots at a German Nato base.

And, as you can tell as well, this pastor has some voiciferous followers too. 

Everyone is pissing all over themselves to keep from getting Islam angry at them.  So much so, they actively support the Islamic terrorists by hosting their public relations for them.  Michelle Malkin even ponders:

If Islam is so peaceful and only a “tiny minority’ of Muslims are “violent extremists”, why do we constantly have to be so damn sensitive to pissing them off?

Ace and William Teach point to articles where the MSM are saying they won't photo the Quran burning. Yet, they have no problem giving air-time and voice to AVID TERRORISTS.

And now the Black Panthers are threatening the Florida Pastor as well.

Do we not recall that Islam killed over 3,000 people 9 years ago?  And now they want us to tolerate them?

[UPDATE 1Pastor Jones gave the Imam 2 hours to contact him to talk to him, to bridge the gap, to engage in tolerance, to spread some peace, to ....  oh hell.. the GZM didn't bother calling him or the partner pastor.  I mean, the Imam has said that he will not budge one iota (out of tolerance of course).

[UPDATE 2]  From Fox News:  Pastor Jones has reportedly said he would not torch some cheap books IF he could meet with the GZM America-hatin' Imam Rauf.  Rauf said... tough luck:

The imam leading an effort to build an Islamic center near the World Trade Center site says he has no plans to meet with a Florida pastor who had threatened to burn copies of the Quran.

But Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says in the statement Friday that he is open to seeing anyone "seriously committed to pursuing peace."

In other words, he will only meet with DHIMMIS.

[UPDATE 3]  It would seem that the Quran burning has been called off now.  Officially.  Commentor makes the point: 


Posted on September 10, 2010 at 5:26pm

need to burn anything. He got so many of the leaders in this country
and the loones over seas to show exactly who they are and what is in
their hearts.

No doubt.  No doubt indeed.

[UPDATE 4]  Well, while the Florida Pastor has decided to acquiesce to the leftists and Islamists, there are others willing to stand up and make a statement against the violence of Islam.  See the front page of Drudge today that I have screen-capped below:

So, if it is OK for them to burn our holy books, then why can't we do the same to their "holy" book?  Books are books, right?

Here is what I am thinking of when people suggest we should be tolerant...

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[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=plane+tower&iid=6351072" src="" width="380" height="523" /]
[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=plane+tower&iid=655353" src="" width="246" height="354" /]
[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=plane+trade&iid=6060774" src="" width="380" height="260" /]
[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=plane+trade&iid=6351089" src="" width="380" height="253" /]
[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=plane+trade&iid=6351067" src="" width="380" height="570" /]

And here is what we will never have again:

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[UPDATE 5]  Mr Obama now says that we are not at war with Islam.  Hey, DUDE!!!  Tell THEM that!!  They have been mad at us since the 1930's.  An argument could be made since the 1700's.  And they have been at war with our allies since the Dark Ages.  They have been at war with our Jewish allies since they were born.

If you don't know about the War on muslim pirates during the 1700's and that ended with the battle of the Barbary Coast in 1805, then you need to read up a bit. We did our best to apease them, but they hated us because it was in their Quran.  It was their HOLY DUTY to kill and enslave non-muslims.  They had been doing so for a millenium before that.

It was American Marines and military might that fought them, beat them, ended the Barbary Coast pirates, and protected the world during that time. 

[UPDATE 6]  The Quran was something'd this weekend.  One even at Ground Zero.  Gateway Pundit even has the video it states as a guy burning the Quran.  Hmm.  All I see is a guy walking with a Quran and being MASSIVELY HOUNDED by the media for walking down the street.  This video shows him MASSIVELY HOUNDED by dhimmis while he walks down the street ripping pages out of the Quran.

The NYPD can be seen "escorting" the man away at the end.  Am not sure if he was being arrested for "desicrating America's holy book" or if he was moved away to protect him from the flogs of frogs.

[UPDATE 7Question:  Would you want this wishy-washy pastor as your pastor?  He comes out to take a stand, then at the first sign of a problem, he quails.  Since the LEFT loves to do it...... WWJD?  Would he have quailed and given up after being told his actions were pissing off the establishment?  Would he have given up and stated he would never ever turn over tables in the temple ever gain because someone might get angry?

I like how the left keeps throwing up that we are to turn the other cheek, that Jesus said to love one another.  He also said to fight against EVIL.  He also said to separate from SIN.  He also said to kick out corruption and unknown gods.

[UPDATE 8]  Kevin, it would seem that you are very keen on deciphering the breakfast wine to see what lies in the future.

The burning of the Quran IS a Zionist plot.

President Ahmadinejad said Friday that Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ plans to torch Quran was a “Zionist plot, and against the teachings of all divine prophets.”

“The Zionists and their supporters are on the path to collapse and decline and such desperate actions will not save them, but will accelerate their fall and annihilation,” Ahmadinejad said.

Meantime, thousands of demonstrators here in Tehran voiced their strong protest at US priest’s Quran burning plan.

[UPDATE 9]  The religon of peace, tolerance, and understanding are now calling 9/11 the “Burn an American Flag Day” in response to the “Burn a Koran Day”.  Wait, I thought they already had a term for 9/11.  "Victory Against Infidels Day".

Are we upset that they have turned the deaths of nearly 3,000 people on 9/11 in to a tit-for-tat naming day?  That they think killing nearly 3,000 people wasn't enough that they now have to laugh at us by claiming to now celebrate the day by burning our flag? 

They think that makes the day worse?!!?!?!?

Michelle Malkin points out that, still, after all these years, the Left are still spitting on the graves of those who were slaughtered on 9/11.

[UPDATE 10]  Do you think threatening beheading over the "proposed" burning of a book to be..... tolerant?  Don't answer that Kevin.  You've had too much to drink.  (Once again Kevin, there is only ONE breakfast.  You can't claim 5th breakfast just to keep drinking the breakfast wine!!) 

One jihadist posted a picture on the Shumukh al-Islam forum of a beheaded Pastor Jones, with words on the picture reading: ‘Punishment for whoever dares to transgress against the Book of Allah,’” SITE reported (pdf).

One of the jihadists sites called for terrorist attacks, referred to Jones’s plan, which he has since canceled, as “another example of the West insulting Islam and receiving only words of condemnation rather than physical retaliation,” SITE reported.

Crusader terrorism is only turned away by jihadi terrorism,” the jihadist said.

Update: A Shiite insurgent faction in Iraq also threatened attacks on U.S. soldiers in Iraq if Jones's “International Burn a Koran Day” went ahead, SITE reported. The so-called League of the Righteous posted a statement on its Web site on Sept. 7 saying that if "the disgraced enemy...tries to subject the Holy Koran to harm, no matter if it is just one page or one letter from the holy book, we will reciprocate two-fold and we will work to turn their headquarters and bases in wounded Iraq into unbearable hell.

Another jihadist Web site said that the West will continue to mock Islam “for as long as Muslims remain docile,” SITE said.

The slaughter of nearly 3,000 innocent civilians is them being DOCILE?!?!?!  No, this is what happens when America becomes docile.

[UPDATE 11]  The German Council of Jews say that the Florida Pastor should not burn the Quran because all it will do is remind Jews of the Holocaust.

ummmmm..... so, when I burned my college books the last day of my collegiate career, I was being an insensitive and intolerant jerk submitting Jews around the world to relive the horrors of the Holocaust?

Since paper is made from wood, I wonder what it means everytime I start a fire in my fireplace?  Or when people start a fire while out camping?  Are they thumbing their noses at the Jews?!?  When kids piss in the campfire, are they pissing on the graves of those who died at the hands of Hitler and his Holocaust?

Come on people.  Get real.  It's just a friggin' book.  Now, if the Democrats got together, ransacked the local libraries, went house to house and pulled all intolerant books out of homes, arrested people for holding certain banned books, and then held an officially-sanctioned bonfire-o-books, .... then we might start talking about possible similarities.

Till then... GROW SOME!!!

[UPDATE 12]  Drudge has up a picture and a link to the video of the guy, not really burning the Quran, but ripping pages from the book and burning the pages.  What got my attention primarily was the media throng around him, the chanting that it was "STUPIDITY", and the fight between the camera guy and the microphone lady in the background.  LOL

[UPDATE 13Steve Gilbert over at Sweetness-n-Light has deciphered Obama's talk today, with the help of Obama's Public Relation's arm, the CR(ap).

       Obama did not mention the New York City mosque, or the Florida pastor, but his message was clear. "We champion the rights of every American, including the right to worship as one chooses…”


Unless, of course, their way of worshiping their God includes
burning the text of some of another religion. Or even decrying
homosexuality. Or praying on public property. Or…

Great point Steve.

        The White House said Obama began the day by privately observing a moment of silence at 8:46, the time when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center.


We thought Mr. Obama was a tremendously devout Christian.

Why didn’t he pray?

Yes, isn't that what devout Christians do?

[UPDATE 14]  It would seem, all you have to do is draw a cartoon, and call it Muhammed (since no one knows what he looks like), and that is good enough, right enough, far enough, to make Islamists go a-bombin'.

Denmark saved by a premature ejacu...explosion!



#1 DMartyr 10-Sep-2010

Afghanistan President Karzai - supposedly our ally is the fight against extremism - warned the pastor to "not even think about" burning a quran.

How arrogant is that? And we give in to these people?

Well, I'm thinking about burning a quran... Only I paid $8 for it and I use it for reference. My money is too valuable to burn... maybe if someone gave me a quran, I'd burn it. But I like target shooting too... damn, this is hard... I'll seeek spiritual guidance from Bobblehead Muhammad.


#2 captainfish 10-Sep-2010

If true, that makes me so mad I think I will go riot and blow something up, maybe murder a few dozen people and claim religious exemption.

Karzai, wha a waste of our money and blood.  I have never liked the idea that that we go in there to free those countries and yet, they create gov'ts that are pro-Iran and becoming anti-American.

What does he not understand about freedom?!?!

What do Americans not understand about freedom?

What do Americans not understand about standing up against EVIL?

Are we not learning now that there may be a problem with finding a real "moderate" follower of Islam?

Question, a follower of a dark and deadly satanic cult who only likes and attends the BBQ festivals, .... are we to excuse them from the dark and deadly nature of the cult they belong to just because they are "moderate" attenders?

#3 Kevin 11-Sep-2010

This whole thing screams 'Zionist plot' to me.  Here's what I think will happen:


Step 1 - Christian pastor burns koran.

Step 2 - Murderous muslims react in typical murderous way.

Step 3 - ???

Step 4 - Jews take over the world.


It's so obvious!  Don't ask me how it occurs.  Those Zionists are devilishly clever.  They've probably got a spreadsheet explaining it or something.  Or a power point presentation.



#4 Kevin 11-Sep-2010

Off topic - I just noticed that there is a thing called 'attach new file' to put photos on the site.  I'm going to try it out if you don't mind.  Actually, I'm trying it out even if you DO mind :)  Here is a photo from the southwesterniest corner of Portugal, thought to be the edge of the world in ancient times.

#5 Kevin 11-Sep-2010

Hey, that's neat.  Why don't other blogs have this?

#6 Kevin 11-Sep-2010

I can see how this feature might be abused.  In fact, I'm going to abuse it right now!  Here is a quick lesson in grammar:

#7 Kevin 11-Sep-2010

oops, wrong one.  HERE is the lesson in grammar.  I'll stop now :)

#8 captainfish 11-Sep-2010

heheheheehehe... Kevin, kevin, kevin.

Been hitting the sauce a bit early?

Don't you know today is a day of reflection on what we can do for the government?  Don't you know that today is a day to refect on how we can be more tolerant of those who hate us?  Don't you know that today, is the day, that we should all just try and get along?

Kevin, I don't know if you are being tolerant enough.  We may have to 'discourage' your participation in this here blog, if you don't show more... officialy sanctioned tolerant behavior!!

[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=spanks&iid=3855353" src="" width="380" height="397" /]

#9 Kevin 11-Sep-2010

I don't like your tone, Captain.  While it's true that I got a little bit carried away with the daily breakfast wine (waste not, want not), your insults simply cannot be tolerated!  A price must be paid.  Your penance is simple and horrible. You must view old hippies.

#10 captainfish 11-Sep-2010

Something tells me that your wine lasts for many meals.  You must be drunk to inflict upon peaceful me with such willful hateful bile.  You sir should show more tolerance to my sensitivities.  You know how unholy it is to flash old hippies around this country!! 

You are being overly inflammatory.

Your intolerant hate towards all that is good and holy is without merit.

Have you NO SOUL?!?! 

Now see, you've upset me from watching the Sooners vs Seminoles play.  I can't even watch them now I am so upset and horrified from your wonton nature.  UGH

Just for that, I force upon you the true image of PETA!! 

[picapp align="none" wrap="false" link="term=peta&iid=4708505" src="" width="396" height="594" /]

Take that and may your behavior change around here.  Don't make me break out Mr. Tooflessss

#11 DMartyr 11-Sep-2010

Here is a photo from the southwesterniest corner of Portugal, thought to be the edge of the world in ancient times.


Cool trivia! Thanks, Kevin!

#12 Kevin 11-Sep-2010

Haha update 8 :)

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