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GOP Finally Takes A Stand While DEMS Claim To Worry About Making Budget

Have you ever known someone who spends money left and right?  But then, when you suggest something for them to buy so that both you and the person can enjoy it, that person feigns hurt, then gets all indignant about the expense of it all and how you expected the person to pay for it?

Yeah....  well, may I introduce you to the democrats in Congress!

The Senate Republican leader proposed legislation on Monday to continue all of the Bush-era tax cuts indefinitely, testing the willingness of Democrats to allow a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans in a weak economy and making clear that a partisan fight will extend deep into the campaign season if not beyond.
Democrats immediately dismissed Mr. McConnell’s plan, noting that he had not offered any way to make up the $700 billion in lost revenue over 10 years that extending the tax breaks at the highest income levels would cost the government.

One thing to note:  The dems planned on allowing the tax cuts to end as they had already banked on that money being there.  Else why use the phraseology of "make up" and "cost".

I commend McConnell's actions here.  While I know it is just political maneuvering, it is in the right direction.  Now, the next proposal is to cut the budget by 75%.

This again shows how the democrats think.  Your money is theirs first and foremost.  They are due that money.  They make the budget and you are there to fill that budget.  It doesn't matter that you have no job or that you don't want that budget.  It doesn't matter if taxes are increased beyond all reason.  It's their money.  So sit down, shut up, and pay it back.

Are you tired of this mentality yet, people?  Are you tired of having people in Congress tell you what you should do, should pay, should be, should live, should grow, should believe??


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