The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Photoshop Time!

Here's your picture, use your imagination. What is Obama trying to get over the gate that has Michelle cowering?

(Right-click to save image.)

  #FridayFun #SnappedShots


#1 DMartyr 01-Sep-2010

My contribution:

I call it, "What a sucka!"

#2 Kevin 01-Sep-2010

Obama thinks that he is annointed by God to be president.



Well, actually, this is the way he's imagining it:


#3 captainfish 01-Sep-2010


too true.  too true.

#4 DMartyr 01-Sep-2010

LOL, Excellent, Kevin!

#5 Are You Sure? 02-Sep-2010

Try photoshopping in a knuce.

#6 col.smeag 02-Sep-2010

Wookie Domination

#7 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Sep-2010

I noticed that y'all couldn't upload photos to your comments—Just got that fixed for anyone that wants to post their entry here. (See below the comments form for details!)

(I wish I had time to put together a p'shop to contribute to this effort... Ugh! :) )

#8 Bert 02-Sep-2010

Damn. The sheeps blood isn't keeping the Angel Of Death out.

#9 polly 17-Sep-2010

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#10 HGSO 24-Feb-2011

I liked the first one... hehe he is just a sucka.... And what's polly doing here with his shoes advertisement?? Just get him kicked out of here.



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