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The UN Wants To Give US Dollars To N. Korea

Thankfully, not everyone at the UN is stuffy-headed and obstenant like everyone over here in USA.  (nevermind the UN is in the US).  They understand that even though the UN and the rest of the world is still at war with N. Korea, that peace can be had. 

There can be peace in our time!

Is there any reason why we should NOT be giving money away to the Communist warring N. Korea that has killed dozens of S. Korean friends and sunk several S Korean boats this year?  Or the N. Korean dictators threatened us and our friends in the region with all out nuclear war?

None that I see...

...the United Nations is laying plans to spend more than $290 million on a welter of programs in the communist state—including a scheme to produce an algae sold in the U.S. as tropical fish food...
The U.N. plans, however, demonstrate the determination of the world organization and its most influential backers—notably, the U.S. government, which is the biggest single financial supporter of most U.N. aid and development organizations-- to keep dangling carrots of assistance before the North Korean regime, even at its most provocative.

Ok. I can see your pessimistic mind rolling around in your slimy brainpan.  You think there is some subversive plot to destroy N. Korea?  You think that this is all a ploy by the US? 

Well.   HA!!  Not On Your Life!! least a dozen U.N. agencies and offices clearly hope to be deeply involved over the next five years in North Korea’s national welfare, in areas ranging from health care and education to sanitation and civil service training, “strengthening knowledge networks” in agriculture, alternate energy development, and transportation, not to mention improving North Korean export trade.

A significant number of the efforts will also go to bolstering the capabilities of the North Korean government...

(highlighting mine for emphasis and sheer eye-catchiness)

See.  Even though we are at war with N. Korea, we can go in and provide economic, agricultural, energy and even governmental support for them.

Now, don't you feel safer?

Oh, and don't worry, these programs and monies are supported and pushed by the ever exhaulted UNDP.  A classy and honorable program.

The array of plans is laid out in schematic form in a 22-page “United Nations Strategic Framework Results Matrix” for North Korea, which is being presented to members of the supervisory Executive Board of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the U.N.’s principal development coordinating agency, at a meeting in New York this week.

The framework is buttressed by UNDP’s own country program for North Korea, which is a $38.3 million portion of the larger total. Both documents cover the period from 2011 to 2015.

... most of the money--$34 million—can be counted on to exist. That amount is described in the annex to the country program as coming from “regular” UNDP resources, meaning its core budget.

UNDP activities in North Korea exploded into scandal in 2007, leading to suspension of its program until 2009. Among other things, an independent investigative panel subsequently determined that UNDP had wrongfully provided millions in hard currency to the North Korean regime, ignored U.N. Security Council sanctions in passing on dual-use equipment that could conceivably be used in the country's nuclear program, and allowed North Korean government employees to fill key positions.

So, see.  Nothing at all disingenuous going on here.  It is only natural that they are spending nearly their entire budget of $38 million on N. Korea in addition to the $290 million. 

With all that money, do you really think they would do anything wrong?



#1 S Korean 25-Sep-2010

Still war with N. Korea? True. However, Two Koreas were made by US and Soviet armies occupying Korean peninsula in 1945. Two Koreas announced peace already but war and sanction is still going on...with milliona seperated families without exchanging even letters. Korea the dynamic free ally? Soverignty? Yellow monkeys? 

Human rights? Kim jeong il dictator? army plan after his death?

Korea is US success unlike Vietnam?

These are the sins of superpower and

Many still having hope to Obama who is giving more disappointment.

I hope some man to find time to read 10 books of his remote nation's recent history.  

#2 captainfish 25-Sep-2010

You've got a whole lot of questions there without a whole lot of sense.

What is your point?  What is your purpose?  Are you questioning the deliberate defense of a nation by the UNITED NATIONS of which the US was one of the forces participating?

Yes, that was one of the problems with Korean War,... China and Russia assisting the N. Vietnamese. 

And no, the two Koreas are not at peace.  There is still a war going on.  N Korea will stop at nothing take back the southern peninsula and for that matter, destroy Japan.

The only reason why that paricular war failed, and all the others afterwards, was because politics got involved and determined the targets and outcomes.

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