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Something Is Wrong With This Picture

I don't know.  Something.  Is.  Off.

There just seems to be something off with this picture.  I don't know what it is.

Can you help me out here?  This is supposed to be a radar shot of Hurricane Earl as it neared Cape Hatteras, NC on Sept 2, 2010 around 10pm EST.

You guys have any ideas?


Any ideas what might be ... off?



#1 AnAmericanFirst 03-Sep-2010

Funny, I noticed something odd about this hurricane picture too (attached)

#2 captainfish 03-Sep-2010

Wait, wait.  Don't tell me... let me guess....


#3 J. Tyler Ballance 03-Sep-2010

Funny Gore-ish picture!


As for the weather shot, the huricane is turning anti-clocakwise, as do storms in the Northern Hemisphere. The illustration appears to show a red storm symbol to the Southeast of the hurricane that could be a historical track, or could be the tropical storm that the Weather Service has been also traking along with its reports on Earl.

#4 captainfish 03-Sep-2010

Hehehee. Nope.

They used a recent radar image of Earl, and imposed and OLDER isobar map on top of it.  The isobar map probably shows Earl's position the day before. 

Someone didn't think very hard about this graphic.  A future MSM journalist maybe??

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