The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

The Right Direction: Obama Deserves Vacations While You Suffer

From the pages of the Drudge Report comes word that Massa Obama has accomplished all that he could do with the economy and now needs another vacation.

Pfew.  Wrecking the economy of the once greatest nation on earth is very hard work.

One wonders how far this president will go to prove to even the illiterate, ignorant, obstenant and truly blind liberals of how much he could care less for America?

With recent economic news coming out that unemployment is still in the crapper, with the feel-good unemployment index rising to 9.6% (the real unemployment index is 16.7%), that his party's candidates are losing left and right, this president defies all compassion and decides its time for another grand vacation.

Yeah, I know it is just to the "president's retreat" Camp David.  But, after already taking 6 vacations this year alone, wouldn't you think that the image of him taking another vacation sends a bad message?  Especially when bad economic news JUST came out that same day?

Not this Socialist president.  To him, he deserves everything he is entitled to.

And more.


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