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Obama's Justice Dept Gives Approval To State To Check Citizenship Status

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This hypocricy is crazy enough to blow your mind.

Wait!  What?!?!?   

Yep.  The Obama Justice Department, despite its actions in Arizona, has given the state of Georgia the official "green light" to check people's citizenship status when they register to vote.  This will allow Georgia to be sure that ONLY Americans are registered and voting.

The state of Georgia has received final approval from the Justice Department on a tough new voter registration law that will require individuals to prove their citizenship before registering to vote. Georgia joins Arizona as the only two states to have such a measure. [ED:  Only 2 states!?!?]

Georgia's new law will check the citizenship status of new voter registrations with driver's license and social security records.

If an individual attempts to register to vote for the first time and is flagged by the system, they must provide additional proof, like a birth certificate or passport, before they can obtain a voter registration card.

When Georgia first passed the law in 2008, the Justice Department immediately began looking into it. Last week, the department dropped its legal battle against the state and is allowing Georgia to move forward with its enforcement.

So, let me get this straight.  It is perfectly OK to check the citizenship status of people seeking to vote, but it is NOT OK to check the status of people stopped for breaking a law?

Forgive me a moment while this head-spinner makes me puke.

This is just more evidence FOR Arizona to use against the DOJ in its case.



#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Sep-2010

Dude... That might perhaps be the greatest photo in all of PicApp. Great find, my friend!

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